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Study Abroad

Health & Safety

Conduct, Safety & Health Abroad

Part of staying safe and having a positive experience is also being aware of your personal limits.  

Avoid high risk activities and behaviors. The most frequent reason students are injured or otherwise hurt while abroad usually involves alcohol consumption.

The DU Code of Conduct still applies abroad. Inappropriate or dangerous behavior can result in program expulsion and/or consequences at DU.  Likewise, students with DU conduct infractions may not be authorized to participate on a study abroad program until their outcomes have been completed.  See DU Study Abroad Policies for more information.

Know the laws and culture norms for your destination.

Ask for help when you need it. The dramatic changes from entering a new environment can result in physical health and/or mental health crises, so please see a local doctor or seek other help if you don't feel well for an extended period of time.  International SOS can help with finding a local counselor that speaks English.  Also, know that the DU Health and Counseling Center has a counselor on call to handle moments of high emotional stress.  Call +1.303.871.3000 to reach the on-call counselor.

Student Health & Safety Resources

Read your DU Study Abroad Handbook.

Buy a guidebook for more regional travel advice.

Visit a doctor for a travel health consultation. DU's Health & Counseling Center provides this service.  Students can also consult regarding immunizations necessary for the location(s) they will be living and visiting.

Call International SOS for your free consultation. The OIE requires this step so that students can discuss their particular medical, prescription, or security concerns with a qualified professional.

Review general and country-specific travel information provided by:

Register with the U.S. Department of State's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

Ensure that you have adequate health and travel insurance coverage. While DU provides evacuation and repatriation coverage through International SOS, students are required to have their own health insurance that covers them abroad.  Students may choose to purchase optional travel insurance as well.