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DU Speaks Justice

The Holocaust Memorial Social Action Site aims to cultivate ethical responsiveness, dialogue, learning, and action in the spirit of raising social consciousness and healing the world. Towards this goal that we are inviting people to participate in a new project at the site called "DU Speaks Justice." As part of this project, campus and community partners are invited to talk or perform on camera for 1-3 minutes, addressing in their own terms how the work they do addresses the goal of inclusivity or social justice, and / or how it helps encourage a positive change in how people treat one another. Essentially, the series invites a series of speakers and performers to share on videotape their diverse visions for how we can work together to make the world a better place.

The videos in this series will be shared online to help spark ongoing reflection and dialogue around issues of justice and diversity. 

If you have a suggestion for someone (including yourself) whom you'd like to see featured in a "DU Speaks Justice" segment, please contact CJS at

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