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Holocaust Awareness Institute

Survivors Speakers Bureau

Our Speakers Bureau is composed primarily of Holocaust survivors who generously share their time on a volunteer basis to speak with students and community organizations about their experiences before, during, and after the Holocaust.

If you would like to arrange for a speaker, please complete a Holocaust Speakers Bureau Request Form and email it to  (We do our best to find a speaker for all events; however, submission of this form does not guarantee that a speaker will be found for your event.) 

Please note that we require completed request forms to be turned in to us at least one month prior to your event.  However, there is a high demand for speakers in April and the timeline for those requests differs slightly.

April Requests

  • September - We begin accepting April speaker requests. 
  • February - We will reach out to speakers in the order of completed request forms received.
  • March -  We will contact you in with an update regarding your request.

Most speakers are best suited for audiences 12 years of age and older (6th grade and up).  Please let us know if you no longer need a speaker once your request has been submitted.

Please visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's website for 'best practice' information on hosting a Holocaust Survivor. This guideline offers helpful information in providing the most meaningful experience for your group and your guest speaker.

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