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Center for Judaic Studies

Holocaust Awareness Institute

Holocaust Awareness Institute

Teacher Trainings

We know that the Holocaust is a difficult yet critical subject to teach. This is why we are focused on providing educators with appropriate and accessible resources. The Holocaust occurred well over 60 years ago, but the lessons are still relevant and critical today.

HAI works with education professionals in the area to provide an annual teacher training to put knowledge and resources directly into the hands of educators. To meet this goal, HAI supports the work of Colorado Holocaust Educators(CHE) in our community. This is a group of educators who have all completed the Museum Teacher Fellowship Program at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, distinguishing themselves as premier leaders in Holocaust Education. CHE provides opportunities throughout the year for Holocaust Education upon request.

If you would like to be informed about upcoming teacher training hosted at the Holocaust Awareness Institute, or to learn about other education opportunities available in our region, nationally or internationally, please contact HAI at

We also recommend for teachers newer to teaching the Holocaust or for those of you who would like to update your skills to please visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website for its free online training.

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