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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)

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Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


Liberal arts education is at the heart of the University of Denver. Our faculty, staff and students come together in a shared quest for knowledge of the human condition.

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Contact & Office Information



Ginni Ishimatsu

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Phone: 303-871- 2152
Sturm Hall, 302

More about Dr. Ishimatsu

Bio and office hours


  • Undergraduate Advising
    • Degree requirements, career advising, quarterly advising periods
  • Student conduct, student concerns, student complaints
  • Undergraduate quarterly orientations, registration, Discoveries Week
  • Undergraduate curriculum
    • Undergraduate Bulletin
    • Changes to major/minor requirements
    • Common curriculum courses
    • Undergraduate course proposals
    • AHSS course schedules
    • Foreign Language (FOLA) equivalency courses for students
    • Graduate course proposals
  • Liberal Arts Advantage
  • Pioneer Awards (Divisional awards selection & distribution at ceremony)
  • Technology fee distribution
  • Adjunct hiring


  • Course proposals (interterm, FSEM, ASEM)Course schedules
  • Major/Minor change forms
  • Academic exceptions petitions
  • Incompletes (over 1 year)
  • Undergraduate PinS applications
  • Adjunct hiring requests

Eleanor McNees

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Faculty Development and Research
Phone: 303-871- 2057
Sturm Hall, 463

more about Dr. McNees



  • Assessment
    • General process, common curriculum, programs and departments, graduate assessment
  • Graduate curricular and research issues
  • Faculty and graduate student queries related to research, personnel, curriculum
  • New Faculty Mentor Program
  • Asst. faculty, assoc. faculty, and graduate student research groups & workshops
  • Graduate student professional development applications
  • Graduate bulletin
  • Internal & external grant review
  • Grant submission
    • External grant proposals before they go to OSRP


  • Applications for Cornell School of Theory and Criticism
  • NEH Summer stipend applications
  • New graduate course proposals
  • AHSS graduate innovation grant proposals
  • External grant proposals 


Rob Roberts

Interim Dean
Phone: 303-871-4449
Sturm Hall, 457

more about Dr. Roberts



  • Program review
  • Dept. annual reports
  • Staff professional development
  • Faculty leaves
  • Faculty personnel issues
  • Tenure & promotion
  • Faculty hiring
  • Chairs & directors meetings
  • Fundraising & donor relations 



Matilda Asuzu

Graphic Designer
Phone: 303-871-4562
Sturm Hall, 462

Portfolio: Matilda Asuzu
  • AHSS visual identity
  • Graphic design for print, video and web 


Vanessa Baker

Finance and Operations Assistant
Phone: 303-871-3640
Sturm Hall, 457A

Portfolio: Vanessa Baker
  • Finance
    • Journal entries
    • Purchasing card packets from select depts.
    • Direct Pays
    • Reimbursements
    • Purchase requisitions/purchase orders
    • Payment of invoices
    • Month-end departmental reports
  • Departmental assistant support
  • HR
    • Payroll time entry
  • Annual computer refresh
  • Sturm Hall building liaison
  • Maintenance requests for Sturm Hall common areas
  • Sturm Hall storage area maintenance


  • Direct Pays
  • P-card packets from select depts.
  • Travel advances forms
  • P-card request forms 


Jan Ballard

Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 303-871-4449
Sturm Hall, 457

Portfolio: Jan Ballard
  • AHSS weekly events e-mail announcement
  • Conference room scheduling (SH 286)
  • AHSS website maintenance
  • AHSS web study hall coordinator
  • Staff-related listserv management
  • Editor, expressions newsletter
  • Dean's office front desk reception
  • AHSS general e-mail account (
  • E-calendar, WebCentral announcements
  • Secondary contact for Sturm Hall maintenance requests

Kristy Firebaugh

Graduate Student Services Manager
Phone: 303-871-2169
Sturm Hall, 402

Portfolio: Kristy Firebaugh
  • AHSS Graduate admissions and recruiting
  • AHSS Graduate financial aid
  • University of Denver graduate student policies subject‐matter expert
  • Liaison between AHSS departments, the AHSS Dean's Office and the Office of Graduate Studies
  • Divisional resource for graduate students
  • Graduate student concerns
  • Graduate student professional development
  • Maintain the AHSS graduate student website
  • Financial Aid budgeting for (ENGL, ANTH, COMM, EDP, ECON, RLGS)

Keely Gohl

Director of Budget and Planning
Phone: 303-871-2511
Sturm Hall, 458

Portfolio: Keely Gohl
  • Finance
    • Budgets (AHSS & Departments)
    • Accounting transaction approval
    • Salary & merit adjustments
    • Divisional and University financial policy enforcement and creation
    • Financial Aid budgeting
  • HR
    • Departmental position posting approval for hiring (faculty and staff)


  • Gift In-Kind forms
  • New fund or new org requests
  • Financial Aid fund code requests
  • Banner access request forms

Kristin Kemp

Director of Community Relations and Communication
Phone: 303-871-2466
Sturm Hall, 461

Portfolio: Kristin Kemp
  • DU & AHSS brand identity
  • AHSS communications
  • AHSS alumni outreach
  • AHSS Advisory Board
  • AHSS donor relations
  • AHSS events
    • Master Scholars
    • Salon Series
    • Faculty Lecture Series
    • Distinguished Speaker Series
    • Livingston Lecture
    • AHSS Graduation Events

Therese Marrugo

Executive Assistant to the Dean
Phone: 303-871-4460
Sturm Hall, 460

Portfolio: Therese Marrugo
  • Dean's schedule & calendaring
  • Tenure & promotion
  • Pre-tenure review
  • Sabbaticals and AHSS mini-sabbaticals
  • Faculty hiring
    • Tenure-track
    • Lecturer hiring (new lines)
    • Lecturer renewals (continuing annually renewable)
    • Post-doctoral, research professor series, clinical professor series
  • Grant submissions for select grants
  • AHSS committee elections for University and Divisional committees
  • Chairs & directors meetings
  • AHSS Elected Faculty Committee (EFC) stewardship
  • Sturm Hall building swipe card access
  • Faculty-related listserv maintenance
  • AHSS website maintenance for faculty/staff pages
  • AHSS phone directory for chairs & assistants
  • Secondary contact for conference room scheduling (SH 286)


  • Faculty hiring forms & hiring packets
  • Tenure & Promotion materials
    • Tenure-track, lecturers, post-docs, research prof, clinical research prof
  • Pre-Tenure reviews
  • Grant applications
    • CAMF grant, Internationalization grant, PROF grants
    • Rosenberry Fund and Humanities Institute Travel Grants
  • Sabbaticals and AHSS Mini-Sabbaticals
    • Applications and reports


Jeff Quinlisk

Finance & HR Coordinator
Phone: 303-871-4577
Sturm Hall, 459

Portfolio: Jeff Quinlisk
  • Finance
    • Budget questions
    • Departmental assistant support
    • Contract entry support
  • HR
    • PCR, LRF, BES, BECR paperwork submission
    • Changes to employee status (faculty & staff)
    • Timesheet approval
    • HR Liaison for AHSS
    • Payroll questions
    • Salary & merit adjustments
    • Departmental assistant report
    • Departmental Assistant monthly training coordinator


  • Adjunct hiring packets
  • Hand-check requests
  • Payroll redistribution forms
  • Non-benefited hire (on-line form)


Kellyn Smith

Senior Director of Development, AHSS
Phone: 303-871-4472

Portfolio: Kellyn Smith
  • Major gift fundraising for AHSS programs
  • Coordinates fundraising and donor stewardship visits with the Dean
  • Provides donor and fundraising information to AHSS schools/departments
  • Assists department chairs with strategies on fundraising priorities and donor cultivation 

Stacey Stevens

Liberal Arts Advantage Coordinator
Phone: 303-871-4924
Sturm Hall, 302c

Portfolio: Stacey Stevens
  • AHSS Staff Liaison to the AHSS Student Advisory Council (SAC)
  • Coordinate elections process for SAC
  • AHSS student grants
  • AHSS staff liaison to Career Services, Parent Relations, Office of Student Life, Center for Civic Engagement and Service Learning and other campus partners
  • Courses to Careers


  • Student HI Travel Grant application
  • Student Summer Internship grant application


Callyn Weintraub

Alumni Engagement and Events Coordinator
Phone: 303-871-4562
Sturm Hall, 462

Portfolio: Callyn Weintraub
  • AHSS alumni and community events
  • Support AHSS Alumni Advisory Board
  • AHSS Alumni Student Mentorship Program
  • AHSS social media manager
  • E-calendar
  • TV monitor Requests


  • E-calendar, social media, TV monitor Requests: AHSS event promotion request form


Isabel Werner

Director of Development, AHSS
Phone: 303-871-4472

Portfolio: Isabel Werner
  • Reports to the Senior Director of Development
  • Major gift fundraising for AHSS programs
  • Coordinates fundraising and donor stewardship visits with the Dean
  • Provides donor and fundraising information to AHSS schools/departments
  • Assists department chairs with strategies on fundraising priorities and donor cultivation