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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)


Make a Lasting Impact


Our research and community and global partnerships give students and faculty the chance to have positive, lasting impacts around the world.

Faculty Funding Opportunities

Creative Arts Materials Fund (CAMF)

In an effort to more fully meet the needs of faculty in the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences whose professional work is located in the creative arts, the Dean's office of AHSS has established a fund to offset the expenses of arts materials for professorial series faculty in the two divisions.

Every Winter quarter the Dean's office will circulate a request for proposals to AHSS creative arts faculty. Proposals will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the Dean, the directors of the Schools of Music and Art, and the chairs of the Departments of Theatre and Media, Film, and Journalism Studies.

The Creative Arts Materials Fund (CAMF) exists to cover expenses that have not been covered by other internal DU funding sources (e.g. PROF, FRF, Rosenberry Fund, Internationalization, departmental funds, gift funds, curriculum diversity funds). However, creative arts faculty are encouraged to apply to all funding sources, both internal and external, that might support their work.

Criteria for CAMF selection:

  • Funding is available to professorial series faculty in the creative arts in the Divisions of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences.
  • Funding will typically be limited to $5,000 per year per faculty member.
  • Funding will cover materials expenses related to the production of an artistic piece of work.
  • Funding will cover expenses that have not been funded by other funding sources at the University (e.g., PROF, FRF, Rosenberry Fund, Internationalization, departmental funds, gift funds, curriculum diversity funds).
  • Faculty may not be reimbursed for past expenses. If awarded funding, faculty members must work with their departmental assistant and use University purchasing processes (including bid processes and purchase orders) to expend funds by April 1, 2016. Faculty receiving awards must adhere to all University purchasing policies ( All equipment or supplies purchased are the property of the University of Denver.
  • Proposals for AY 15-16 are due in the Office of the Dean by Friday, January 16, 2015. Please email proposals directly to Therese Mathis ( with the subject line, "CAMF Grant AY 15-16 LAST NAME". Therese will respond within 48 hours of receiving your e-mail to confirm receipt. If you do not hear from Therese within 48 hours, please contact her directly to ensure that your proposal was received.

CAMF Application Form