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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)


Make a Lasting Impact


Our research and community and global partnerships give students and faculty the chance to have positive, lasting impacts around the world.

Faculty Funding Opportunities

Walter Rosenberry Fund & Indexing Grant

Walter Rosenberry, a longtime friend of the University of Denver, made funds available to the faculty in the divisions of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.  The Elected Faculty Committee distributes grants in the range of $250-$1500 using the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Grants:

  • The overarching theme for projects should be "Making Our Work Public." This would generally include costs associated with professional publications (e.g. copyright permissions, reproductions), theatrical productions, musical performances, art exhibitions, film presentations, and conference presentations. Highest priority will be given to projects with the greatest impact on professional development and that provide the greatest opportunity for public dissemination.
  • The Dean's Office has some funds available in AY 2014-2015 to cover the costs of indexing books, generally not more than $1,000 per book. Faculty may apply for those funds through this application process. Applicants should distinguish between indexing expenses and costs covered by Rosenberry funds.
  • Faculty in AHSS may apply for grants ranging from $250 - $1500. All appointed faculty are welcome to apply; however, priority will be given to tenure-line faculty because of the scholarly and creative requirements of the position.
  • If applicants are in the final stages of a book publication and have exhausted other courses of funding (including professional development funds, FRF, PROF, and other internal and external grants, as appropriate), they may list and explain additional reimbursable expensed beyond Rosenberry's $1,500 maximum. Such costs would include additional permission or reproduction fees, subventions,etc. Before making such requests, they should consult the list of funding opportunities on the AHSS website to identify alternative funding sources. The Dean will consider such requests at the end of the academic year and may distribute additional funds, depending on the need and available resources. Faculties should be aware that their is no guarantee that there will be any additional funding.
  • Needs should be those that have not been addressed by other funding sources at the University (e.g. Faculty Research Fund, Internationalization, curriculum diversity, Office for Teaching and Learning).
  • Funds cannot be used for transportation to and from DIA or for airport parking. The University provides an Eco-pass that covers the cost of Skyride.
  • Funds for meals are a low priority and may not be awaded depending upon the number of proposals.
  • Applicants for international venues should consult the Office of Sponsored Programs for per diem guidelines.
  • If a faculty member is requesting funding for professional conference activity, departmental professional travel funds allotted to that faculty member should first be depleted. If funds are being requested for a future professional conference that occurs in the next fiscal year (after July 1), the proposal must detail (e.g. with an acceptance of a conference paper proposal) exactly how the departmental professional travel funds that become available in that new fiscal year will be depleted.
  • Faculty members may apply for reimbursement of costs incurred since July 1, 2014.
  • If awarded funding, faculty members should use those funds by June 1, 2015.
  • Proposals (see form) may be submitted each quarter. They are due in the Divisions of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Office of the Dean on the following dates:
    • Fall Quarter: Wednesday, October 15, 2015
    • Winter Quarter: Monday, February 2, 2015
    • Spring Quarter: Wednesday, April 1, 2015
  • Proposals must be submitted via email to Linda "Fawn" Fama ( with the subject line, "Rosenberry AY 14-15 LAST NAME". Once your e-mail proposal is received, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Linda "Fawn" Fama. If you do not receive this confirmation e-mail within 48 hours, contact Linda "Fawn" to verify that your proposal was received, using the subject line, "Rosenberry AY 14-15 LAST NAME". Faculty members may contact her at 303-871- 4449 with any questions.
  • Funding decisions will be announced in November, March, and May.

Rosenberry Application Form