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Undergraduate Language Placement Testing

Exam Policies and Procedures


The undergraduate placement test assesses students' language abilities to place them in the right class levels. We prohibit students from using supplemental materials during this test. French, German, Italian and Spanish tests are computer-based. Tests in all other languages are paper-based. Test formats (reading, writing, aural and oral) vary by language.

Incoming Students

If you are an incoming first-year student please see the instructions on the incoming testing page.

Continuing and Transfer Students

Computer-based placement test Frequently Asked Questions

French, German and Spanish

This test is a multiple-choice, computer-adaptive test that will take 15-45 minutes depending on your knowledge of the language.  If you get disconnected or forget to print your placement results, simply return to the web site, reenter your name, ID and e-mail address exactly as you did before, and press "resume." This will take you back to the exam results or let you continue the exam.

To take the French, German or Spanish Placement Test:

  • Log on to the placement testing website.
  • Select "University of Denver (du)" and click "Go."
  • The password is "lang246."
  • At the end of the test, you will receive instructions regarding recommended placement and advising. 
  • Read this section carefully.
  • Print and keep a copy of your language placement score.
  • Your first score will be recorded and sent to the registrar. 
  • However, if you score a 0, retake the test, and your second score will be recorded.


This test includes listening comprehension, grammar, reading comprehension and writing. You must complete the test in one sitting and will have only one hour to complete it.

To take the Italian Placement Test:

  • Before you begin: make sure you have functioning headphones or speakers.
  • Log on to the Italian Placement Test.
  • At the end of the test, you will receive instructions regarding advisement.

Chinese, Latin and Russian

  • Please read the following instructions and click the links below to access PDFs of the Chinese, Latin, and Russian Placement Tests.
  • Print the placement test from the CWLC website.
  • Carefully follow all directions on each section of the test.
  • Do not use dictionaries, grammar references, or other help while taking the test. This can result in incorrect placement and course scheduling complications.
  • Type or clearly hand-write your answers.
  • Return the test to the Center for World Languages and Cultures by July 31, 2013 via mail: 2000 E. Asbury Ave., Sturm Hall, Room 201, Denver, CO 80208, or scan and email to:
  • Your exam will be routed to the appropriate faculty for grading and placement. You will be contacted regarding recommended placement.

Chinese Placement Test A – Take this test if you wish to begin studying Chinese at the second-year level. If this test is too easy, please take Chinese Placement Test B. If this test is too difficult, speak with a Chinese language advisor during Discoveries week and register for one of the first-year level courses.

Chinese Placement Test B – Take this test if you wish to begin studying Chinese at the third-year level. If this test is too difficult, please take Chinese Placement Test A.

Latin Placement Test

Russian Placement Test

Arabic, Hebrew and Japanese - please contact the CWLC to arrange an appointment to take these exams as they are not available online.

If you are an INTS undergraduate student who needs to prove language proficiency through a certain level as part of your degree requirement, you can take the language test once per quarter.  Please fill out the online registration form and we will contact you with instructions. Do not use this form if you are an incoming first-year student. Rather, please refer to the incoming testing page.