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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of English

Department of English

Department of English

Undergraduate Minors

The English Minor

Credit Hours

Students minoring in English must take a minimum of 24 credit hours. No specific courses are required; students are encouraged to design a minor that reflects their interests.

Exclusions from the Minor

No more than eight hours may be taken at the 1000 level. Note that ENGL 2021: Business Technical Writing and any course in which the student earns lower than a C- do not count toward the Minor. Minimum GPA in the Minor is 2.0.

Editing and Publishing

The department offers courses in editing, publishing, and marketing.

The Rhetoric and Professional Writing Minor

The Minor in Rhetoric and Professional Writing is a 20-hour course of study designed for students who wish to combine their interest in a particular academic discipline with a study of the discourse practices of that discipline.

Such a minor prepares students for careers that include professional writing or provides further experience in writing in preparation for graduate study or simply complements the study of a discipline by examining its methods of talking, writing and reasoning. The course of study includes classes that focus on understanding language, and communication, and courses in the discourse conventions of particular disciplines.

Course Options:

  • ENGL 2815 Rhetorical Principles
  • ENGL 2026 Advanced Grammar
  • ENGL 2020 Studies in Non Fiction
  • ENGL 2040 Intro to Publishing
  • ENGL 3021 Professional Writing  
  • ENGL 2980 Internship
  • COMN 2300 Fundamentals of Argumentation
  • ENGL 3817  History of Rhetoric
  • ENGL 3815 Studies in Rhetoric
  • COMN 2400 Landmarks in Rhetorical Theory
  • A writing intensive course in the major field (if this course does not count toward the major requirement)