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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)




Liberal arts education is at the heart of the University of Denver. Our faculty, staff and students come together in a shared quest for knowledge of the human condition.

Hiring & Performance

Faculty Hiring Process

Recruiting well-qualified faculty is one of the most important endeavors we undertake to assure the future success of the University. If you do not find the right person the first or second time a search is conducted, err on the side of caution and delay.

Please see the official DU Faculty Hiring Guide. This online guide should serve as a resource as you start and progress through the hiring process. It will also provide information on the steps and processes that will be required during the search. Remember to log in to Portfolio to get full access.

Scheduling with the Dean

Prior to making travel arrangement for candidates, schedule a 45-minute appointment with each candidate and the dean. Submit a file to the Dean's Office one week prior to interviews containing the inquiry letter, vita, and recommendation letters.

Appointing the Final Candidate

As outlined in the DU Faculty Hiring Guide, once a final candidate is chosen, complete a background check, and once the results are received, send a completed offer packet to the Executive Assistant to the Dean in the Dean's Office. An offer letter will be drafted for approval by the Dean and the Provost. Upon approval the letter is sent out to the candidate. Once the letter is signed by the candidate and returned, the HR and Finance Coordinator will complete the BECR and PCR hiring forms. The departmental assistant should work with the candidate to complete all necessary international and domestic HR forms.

Hiring Expenses, Dean's Office Funding

To assist search processes the following financial support is available:
Advertising expenses will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis with the Dean's Office.

If conference travel for interviewing is necessary, the Dean's Office will reimburse expenses of two department members, including:

  1. Reasonable airfare (including Saturday stay, if necessary)
  2. Other transportation expenses (airport shuttle, etc.)
  3. Lodging
  4. Meals (up to $40 per day per person)

For bringing candidates to DU, the Dean's Office will reimburse the expenses of two candidates, including:

  1. Reasonable airfare (including Saturday stay, if necessary)
  2. $750 per candidate for other expenses (lodging, food, etc.)

Please contact the Dean's Office if, after interviewing these candidates, a third candidate visit is warranted. When arranging lodging do not have candidates stay at individual homes. Many local hotels have reasonable DU rates you can request. The University of Denver has contracted rates with several hotels in Denver.  A list of these hotels and current rates can be found here . Expenses are not interchangeable. For example, if travel to a conference is not required no additional funds for candidate visits will be available. Departments should use their own sub-department organization to charge expenses throughout the search process. At the end of the search, submit an expense report to the AHSS Director of Budget and Planning and a transfer will be done to cover the expenses outlined therein. Advertising and other additional expenses should be covered by department funds.

Adjunct Hiring Process

During the winter quarter, departments will be asked to request the number of adjuncts they need for the next academic year. The request should reasonably consider the need for particular courses/sections within the program. Once the Dean's Office has approved the request, postings for each position should be made on the University's hiring website. If a single position is responsible for teaching more than one class, an ad will also be required. An adjunct cannot be hired to teach more than six courses in one year.

Once the department chooses its top hire, the assistant should compile the faculty hiring packet and submit it with the Faculty Hiring Form for Adjuncts (see below under "Hiring Forms") to the Dean's Office, attention: Jeff Quinlisk, AHSS Finance & HR Coordinator. Candidates should not be notified at this point.

The HR & Finance Coordinator will draft the offer letter for the Dean to approve and sign. Once the letter is signed by the candidate and returned to the Dean's Office, the department will receive a copy and will be responsible for completing the necessary HR forms and the non-benefitted payroll form. Also, once the letter is returned, departments are free to send any logistical information they deem necessary so long as there are no contractual items included.

Adjuncts should be set up with three-year terms. During the second and third year of an adjunct's term, the hiring process is much simpler. The adjunct request will still be made to the Dean's Office during the winter quarter. An updated PAFAAF must be sent to the Dean's Office, and a hiring letter will be sent. No CV, posting, advertisement, background check, HR forms, or payroll forms will be necessary.

Hiring Forms

DU Contracted Rate Hotel List

Faculty Hiring Form - Tenure Track

Faculty Hiring Form - Lecturer

Faculty Hiring Form - Post Doctoral

Faculty Hiring Form - Adjunct