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Carol Helstosky

Elizabeth Escobedo

Associate Professor
Sturm Hall 368
Phone: 303-871-3987


  • Italy
  • Modern Europe
  • History of food

Background AND Interests

Much of my past research has looked at the ways in which food consumption became a politically-charged issue in modern European history. In 2004, I published a book, Garlic and Oil: Food and Politics in Modern Italy, which examined this issue in the context of liberal, fascist, and democratic regimes in Italy. I continue to be interested in the history of Italian food and I am currently writing a history of pizza that charts pizza's meteoric rise in popularity around the world. I am also working on several articles and a book project that examine the history of deception in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Italy. I am currently looking at several celebrated cases of Italian art forgery, as well as the nature of the Italian art market, in order to determine how and why Italians gained a reputation for being deceptive.

My teaching interests are mainly in the area of nineteenth- and twentieth-century European history. I am especially interested in cultural and political history and I teach both survey classes in modern European history as well as more specialized classes in fascism, nationalism, historiography, and topics in world history. I also teach a research and writing class that looks at the history of food and drink in Europe and in the United States.


PhD, Rutgers University , 1996