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Course Descriptions

This is a general guide to the courses available in Arabic. Courses may change over time, and some courses are not available some quarters. For the most up-to-date listing of available courses, log on to PioneerWeb and view course schedules.

ARAB 1001, 1002, 1003 Elementary Arabic (4 qtr. hrs. each)
Basics of educated spoken Levantine Arabic, integrated with Modern Standard Arabic. Three quarter sequence.

ARAB 2001, 2002 Intermediate Arabic (4 qtr. hrs. each)
Continued study of Arabic language with an enhanced cultural component. Two quarter sequence. Prerequisite: ARAB 1003 or equivalent.

ARAB 2100 Conversation & Composition (4 qtr. hrs.)
This is the third quarter of the second year. Intensive practice in reading, writing, speaking, listening and cultural awareness. Writing, discussion and readings based on topics in Arabic language and culture. Increased attention paid to writing skills. Prerequisite: ARAB 2002, equivalent or permission of instructor.

ARAB 1992 Directed Study (1-4 qtr. hrs.)

ARAB 3700, 3701, 3702, 3703, 3704 Topics in Arabic (1-4 qtr. hrs. each)

ARAB 3991 Independent Study (1-5 qtr. hrs.)