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French - Quebec, France, Tuisia

Programs of Study



There are many reasons why you might consider studying French, including:

  • Over 250 million people in 55 countries speak French.
  • Living and studying in France, Sénégal, Morocco, Madagascar, Québec or another French-speaking country becomes a possibility.
  • French is an official language and/or a working language of the Olympics, the United Nations, the International Red Cross and the International Monetary Fund.
  • French-speaking Canada is the United States' most important export market. France's export market ranks as number eight.
  • Knowing French gives you a great excuse to vacation in Paris—or Tahiti!
  • Use and enhance your skills by choosing to study abroad in France, Belgium, Quebéc, or Francophone Africa; for a semester of for a whole academic year.


The French program at the University of Denver is built on the belief that there is a deep connection between language, culture and literature. Therefore, we aim to provide you with not only language skills, but those skills needed to explore a new culture or study compelling literature.

You're likely to discover a poem you love, write a short story, consider French art through the eyes of French poets and novelists, study the French revolution or enjoy classic French films. You might even develop a new way of looking at your world.


Students of the French program at DU can earn distinction in French by writing a senior thesis. Take a look at some of the titles of our students' work:

  • L'Échec et le sinistre succès du langage: une exploration du langage et de la dictature dans le théâtre de l'absurde d'Ionesco.
  • La France et L'Algérie: deux pays entremêlés. La colonisation, sa présence contemporaine, et ses effets sur les relations entre la France et l'Algérie.
  • Carmen: du fiasco au triomphe
  • La rhétorique des journaux révolutionnaires entre 1789-1794.
  • Le rôle de l'identité dans la littérature pour enfants française comme propagande pendant l'occupation de la France.
  • Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine: le pont imprévu entre le récit national et la mémoire du people.
  • Les aventures de Tintin: une littérature d'oppression?

Student achievement does not stop with graduation. Graduates of DU's French program have gone on to pursue a variety of exciting careers. Our alumni include:

  • Artists and art gallery managers
  • Chefs and restaurant owners
  • Computer programmers
  • Doctors, chiropractors and pharmacists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Lawyers
  • Marketing directors
  • Nonprofit and NGO directors
  • Policy analysts
  • Teachers and professors
  • Translators
  • Writers and editors