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Lynn Clark, PhD

Clark's latest book explores parenting in the digital age

Book jacket for Lynn Clark's The Parent App bookThe Parent App

Associate Professor Lynn Schofield Clark's latest book, The Parent App: Understanding Families in a Digital Age, was released in October (Oxford University Press, 2012).

The book provides smart, sensitive, and effective strategies for coping with the dilemmas of digital and mobile media in modern life. Based on interviews with scores of mothers and fathers, the book identifies not only their various approaches, but how they differ according to family income. Parents in upper-income families encourage their children to use media to enhance their education and self-development and to avoid use that might distract them from goals of high achievement. Lower income families, in contrast, encourage the use of digital and mobile media in ways that are respectful, compliant toward parents, and family-focused. Each approach has its own benefits and drawbacks, and whatever the parenting style or economic bracket, parents experience anxiety about how to manage new technology. With the understanding of a parent of teens and the rigor of a social scientist, Clark tackles a host of issues, such as family communication, online predators, cyber bullying, sexting, gamer drop-outs, helicopter parenting, technological monitoring, the effectiveness of strict controls, and much more.

Lynn Clark is now blogging for Psychology Today magazine, discussing parenting issues in relation to the digital age. Read her blog here.

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