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Media, Film & Journalism Studies: Student Designed Emphasis

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If you're looking for a thesis-based degree that gives you an opportunity to develop a deep understanding of a particular area within media or film studies, the student designed emphasis is the place to start.

The MA with a Student Designed Emphasis is a research-oriented graduate program in the Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies. It is a 48-hour, two year degree program, where you'll develop a research topic based on your own particular interests in media, using the appropriate methodological tools studied within the first year of attendance.

After completing 16 hours in the program, you'll develop a thesis proposal for the research project. Once this proposal is approved, you'll concentrate on researching and writing the thesis during your second year of study. You must defend the thesis before a graduate thesis committee to successfully complete the program.

In addition to preparing you for further graduate work, student designed graduates work in law offices, government, media research, and other positions requiring depth of knowledge and advanced analytical abilities.

Visit campus or talk to a faculty member

Want more information on the MFJS Student Designed Emphasis MA program? We'd love to answer any of your questions. And, if you'd like to visit DU for a tour and meeting with faculty and current students, we can arrange that, too. If you can't make it to campus, we can arrange for a phone consultation as well. Contact:

Kate Burns

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