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Strategic Communication

As our lives and communities continue to become globalized, communication skills continue to grow in popularity and necessity. To be a successful strategic communicator, you must develop skills in interpersonal communication, group and organizational communication, traditional mass media and new, ever-evolving digital media.

The Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication emphasizes leading-edge communication theory and practice, grounded in history and strategic planning. You'll be introduced to the concepts, skills and issues associated with different types of public information campaigns and other forms of strategic messaging. 

You'll benefit from the varied expertise of our faculty in nonprofit, international, intercultural, health, corporate, crisis and political messaging as you learn what it means to be a strategic, ethical and culturally sensitive communicator. 

Fields that employ strategic communications professionals include public relations firms, advertising agencies, health agencies, government and nonprofits. U.S. government statistics project a 21 percent growth in the public relations field over the next ten years.

For students who entered the Strategic Communication program prior to Fall 2015:

Strategic Communication progress review form (MAJOR)

For students who are entering the Strategic Communication program in or after Fall 2015:

Strategic Communication progress review form (MAJOR)