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Experimental Film & Video Class

Final 6'X6'X6' Space Project

From Professor Buxton:

"Whether one is working on a fictional film or a documentary, a great deal of the emotional and intellectual impact of a particular project is conveyed through the setting. However, careful attention and detail to setting is one of the last things that most burgeoning filmmakers consider in the production process. So, for the final project in Experimental Film and Video, each student had to choose a particular setting that was meaningful and important to her or him, defined by the parameters of the 6'x6'x6' space. Students could shoot into the space and out of the space, using any shooting and editing choices except Hollywood continuity style. The film could be as personal as the student wanted it to be and as abstract as she or he desired."

Following are a sampling of student final projects from the Fall 2012 Experimental Film & Video Production class. 

"Adelante, Moving Forward" by Joel Cruz

The majority of my videos have been dedicated to my mother, Lynn Carrillo Cruz, for her inspiration and for always encouraging the production of my videos. The title of my project is "Adelante, Moving Forward," which is a phrase my mother always used to get through touch times. "Adelante, Moving Forward" is a short film that serves as a reminder of all the memories I carry of my family, because in the end, family is what will always be by my side.

"Rest Assured" by Aaron Brunhofer

This piece was made to explore an experience that I had at home one night alone. For me it is significant because it represents how narrowly we are focused in our own worlds. I often find myself lost in my own world, whether that be lost in my mind or just "lost" in my house or bedroom. The world that we create for ourselves is often very comfortable and easy. But sometimes the world we are most comfortable in is one that is actually toxic to us. 

"Music" by Vincent De La Torre

Simply, this short film is a representation of what goes on in my mind every day. How music can be made out of absolutely anything, regardless of the circumstances. This piece was a challenge, giving me very limited audio and visual samples to work with – while using very limiting (if any) audio effects.

"Bailiwick" by David Stewart

Shot through a lens of distortion, this short film examines the hesitance of an individual trapped in a world of ambiguity. 

This organism's beliefs were once predicated upon a world of logic and faith, yet when a powerful event occurs, the paradigm of reality shifts into a nonsensical, untrustworthy, and fearful state of paralysis. How does our visual perception guide our mental experiences; how does the area in which we dwell allow us to feel comfort or aggravation? Can we trust our minds?

"Vegabond" by Patrick Gillespie

Sometimes, we are put in a position that tests our mettle, our merit. Sometimes, we put ourselves in this situation. This piece serves as an outlet, a cathartic outpour of the superficiality I've found myself simultaneously creating and consuming of late. Yet out of necessity for both self and sanity, I seek hope in the still-transient nature of this place, holding on to the very fact that I won't be held down to permanently embody this psyche I've stumbled into.

"[6X6X6]" By Ty Dockter

For this film, I chose to focus primarily on a subject who is important to me and a space that is meaningful to the subject of this piece. In this particular film, my wife is shown going through the process of tutu creation. She uses an inordinate amount of tools to accomplish this task at her sewing station.

I am very interested in the connections that people tend to make with certain objects and physical spaces and how those connections can elicit intense emotions and trigger past memories or fears. 

"Temple" by Montana Knapp

Your body is a temple, your vessel, the place your soul resides for a lifetime. It extracts nutrients from the things you eat and, on average, has a heart that beats 40,000,000 every year, allows you to experience the world with all of your senses and without it, who knows what we'll be?

"Amo la Cucina" by Carly Jerome

This is an experimental film that tells the story of a space that is beloved by the creator of the short. It is here where her family gathers to share in tragedy, comedy, love, loss, and the beauty and tranquility of cooking.

"Center" by Kacie Henderson

The most meaningful physical space to me is on stage. When I began acting as a teen, the stage allowed me to break out of a lonely, awkward childhood by allowing me to act out lives of people more empowered, intriguing or glamorous than my own. Now that I am no longer in the theatre industry, I miss that seemingly blank space that could transform into anything and allow me to feel powerful and connected.