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Student showcase

Student Showcase

InShort DU Film/Video Showcase

2016 InShort: DU Film/Video Showcase

Following are a sampling of student final projects from the InShort: DU Film/Video Showcase held on June 2, 2016.

A good man

A man on the run weighs his morality after a life changing decision.

Production team: Alexander Rudolph, Douglas MacIsaac, Tucker Schoenthaler, Arthur Edelman

*Strong Language Advisory*

Source: DU VideoManager

A special someone

Even a gigolo needs love.

Production team: Ryan Neary, Annette Bonner, Gretchen Bahr, Michael Martin

*Strong Language Advisory*

Source: DU VideoManager


A rabbi explores retail to try and restore his faith.

Production team: Dustin Amick, Atticus Blatt, Naomi Forman, Thatcher Anderson, Benjamin McGuire

Source: DU VideoManager

Brewed Awakenings

When loyalty is put to the test, old habits don't die as hard as you might think.

Production team: Cooper Dahlen-Pagano, Lindsay Tomasetti, Samantha Lobato, Joshua Klein, Ryan Wilkinson

*Strong Language Advisory*

Source: DU VideoManager

Hipsters, heart, irony

A cerebral drama that challenges the idea of reality and how far our minds will go to protect it.

Production team: Teri Andony, Katie Cook, Marteene Diaz, Oanh Le, Stefan Wisnoski

*Strong Language Advisory*

Source: DU VideoManager


2015 InShort: DU Film/Video Showcase

Following are a sampling of student final projects from the InShort: DU Film/Video Showcase held on June 4, 2015.

Avenue of hope

Along one of America's roughest stretches of road, kids learn how to make media all the while doing what they do best - being silly kids.

Production team: Katie Cook, Ellie Brown, Lyndsay Lack 

the village blacksmiths

An exploration of an ancient craft in the modern world reveals unique perspectives from three blacksmiths and shows how past and present combine to create something remarkable. 

Production team: Casey Morris, Michael Hughes, Rachel Feeken 


Stormtrooping examines the most fearsome group of soldiers in the galaxy, and what they do to make it a better place.

Production team: Ted Sturgulewski, Shane Black, Dimitri Kapetan 

Our colfax

In a world of mass media kids learn to have agency through producing their own news show.

Production team: Kyna Moore and Kaitlin Kunkler 

life walks

Scottish lover of life and photographer Roddy MacInnes teaches his students about the art of photography and the simple joy of living.

Production team: Adam Lujan, Aidan McCarthy, Victoria Romejko 


2014 InShort: DU Film/Video Showcase

Following are a sampling of student final projects from the InShort: DU Film/Video Showcase held on June 5, 2014.


A neurotic rabbi ruins a Jewish wedding with an all too revealing toast.

Production team: Brandon Reich-Sweet, Michael Sambol, David Stewart, Matt Worley


A To escape her parents' fighting, ten-year-old Emma travels through time with her best friend Charles.

Production team: Joel Cruz, Michael Glantz, James Mecham, Siena Pinney

2013 InShort: DU Film/Video Showcase

Following are several documentary final projects from the 2013 InShort: DU Film/Video Showcase.

Hope Is Free At This Shop

Refugees in Colorado find hope second hand.

Production team: Brian Bakos, Ty Dockter, Wanda Lakota, Xusiming


Refuge is a documentary about wolves and humans finding sanctuary in a place called Mission:Wolf.

Production team: Merle Gleiforst, Brittany Heath


The typical U.S. coffee shop becomes classroom and haven for Naseer, an Iraqi refugee who perseveres through the pain of the past to launch his American dream.

Production team: Montana Knapp, Jessica Markowitz, Courtney Merage


Leveled looks at death, the great equalizer, through a range of perspectives and reactions to our own mortality. 

Production team: Patrick Gillespie, Jennifer O'Connor, Mike McKelvey, David Stewart

Final Table

When one of the world's best poker players is knocked out within the first 30 minutes of the Amateur Championship, two unlikely players emerge as Final Table favorites.

Production team: Samuel Granados, Jonny Havey, Dan Ketchum

2012 InShort: DU Film/Video Showcase

Following are a sampling of student final projects from the "InShort: DU Film/Video Showcase" held June 7, 2012.

On Such A Winter's Day

A mother and son in distress and the event that changes everything. 

Production team: Vincent De la Forre, Jonathan Feinmann, Robert Hardy

Volume Up

The charming comedy of a young woman who must defeat her noisy upstairs neighbors before shining at work to win a coveted overseas promotion 

Production team: Kacie Henderson, Carly Jerome, Chris Pacheco


A young man loses his memory and struggles to accept his family. 

Production team: Paul Gunther, Kevin Keables, Jessica Pearl Salas

Shades of Gray

A young girl is obsessed with her teacher, as her best friend attempts to draw her back into reality. 

Production team: Brian Grill, Alice Ralston, David Stewart

Into That Good Night

A young man, faced with a life-changing diagnosis, yearns for acceptance while those around him struggle to do the same. 

Production team: Aaron Brunhofer, Ty Dockter, Lesley Pahl