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Student showcase

Student Showcase

InShort DU Film/Video Showcase

Following are a sampling of student final projects from the "InShort: DU Film/Video Showcase" held June 7, 2012.

These narrative films are the work of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Film Studies & Production major. Students must complete a final project video as part of a group. Students are responsible for writing, editing, producing and directing each piece.

On Such A Winter's Day

A mother and son in distress and the event that changes everything. (14:00)
Production team: Vincent De la Forre, Jonathan Feinmann, Robert Hardy

Volume Up

The charming comedy of a young woman who must defeat her noisy upstairs neighbors before shining at work to win a coveted overseas promotion (10:45):
Production team: Kacie Henderson, Carly Jerome, Chris Pacheco


A young man loses his memory and struggles to accept his family. (12:36)
Production team: Paul Gunther, Kevin Keables, Jessica Pearl Salas

Shades of Gray

A young girl is obsessed with her teacher, as her best friend attempts to draw her back into reality. (10:00)
Production team: Brian Grill, Alice Ralston, David Stewart

Into That Good Night

A young man, faced with a life-changing diagnosis, yearns for acceptance while those around him struggle to do the same. (10:30)
Production team: Aaron Brunhofer, Ty Dockter, Lesley Pahl