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Internship Procedures

Beginning the internship process
Before you begin your internship, contact the internship director and complete an intake form to take to your interview with the internship director. Please provide information on the area of your internship or career interest, skills and relevant experience you have, student contact suggestions, and bring your resume to your interview with the internship director. These factors will help you decide on an internship together that suits your needs and abilities, and you will contact at least three sponsors to set up an interview. With the assistance of the internship director, you will select an internship. You must complete all the necessary paperwork. The internship director will inform you what is expected of you and will monitor your progress.

Finding an internship
You have several resources at your disposal to locate internships. You should first contact the internship director as well as make use of the DU Career Center. There are also several Web sites on the Useful Links page that allow you to search for openings.

You will receive an academic letter grade for the internship based on:

  • Contract submission by assigned due date
  • Mid-quarter evaluation by internship supervisor and/or site visit by the internship director
  • Project, presentation, portfolio, or other appropriate demonstration of work
  • Exit interview with the internship director
  • Final evaluation by internship supervisor

Paid vs. unpaid internships
Some internships are paid while others are not. There are opportunities both through DU and external organizations to apply for scholarships that can help cover expenses while completing an internship. You can still receive credit for an internship for which you are being paid.

Internship interview
You should bring and/or mail a cover letter, an updated resume, writing samples and/or video clips (if available). Some internship sponsors also ask you to complete an application and/or contract, credit verification forms, personal statements, and send writings samples or examples or your work.

Registering for internship credits
The internship director will register you after you turn in the required forms. You will be registered for MFJS 3980 or DMST 3995 if you are an undergraduate, or MFJS 4980 or DMST 4980 if you are a graduate student. On average, most students enroll for a 4-credit internship, which equates to 160 hours of work at the internship. You must be registered BEFORE starting your internship.