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Did you know there are 26,000 AHSS alumni? Find out what your former classmates are up to. Contact us if you'd like to nominate yourself or a fellow Pioneer to be profiled in our alumni spotlight.


GOHLWhen Matt Gohl (BA '99, English and philosophy; MBA '02) first arrived at DU, he knew that he wanted to pursue a business degree.  While he did get an MBA, he did so via a diverse liberal arts undergraduate education.  For 14 years, Gohl worked in athletics and recreation operations at DU’s Ritchie Center. He now works as a financial analyst for the town of Castle Rock, CO.

Gohl chose DU because of the competitive financial aid package combined with its elite reputation.  Although he knew he wanted a business degree, it was the common curriculum that sold him on an AHSS education.

“Ultimately, I pursued a course of study that was something that I enjoyed, and that gave me fundamental skills that would prove beneficial throughout my career,” he said. “The combination of my liberal arts undergraduate degree and a master’s in business provided strong footing for a career in management and operations at the University,” Gohl said.

Throughout his undergraduate years, Gohl had a work study job in athletics and recreation at the Ritchie Center.  He was offered a full time position immediately after graduating, and was able to pursue his MBA at the same time. 

“Having attended DU for my undergraduate work, graduate school and working at the University for 14 years, there are almost too many memorable experiences to count!” Gohl said. Some of his fondest memories are from the several courses he took with Dr. Frank Seeburger in the philosophy department.  “His courses always challenged me to think in ways I had never had to before, and to think through subjects that were new to me - all while being in a supportive and interactive setting.”

In 2013, he decided to make a career switch and pursue a role as a financial analyst for the town of Castle Rock. 

“While on the surface, there may not seem to be a connection between this role and my liberal arts degree, I find that this education has helped me to be successful,” said Gohl. “Through my philosophy work, I learned logic, reasoning, persuasive argument and critical thinking. Through the English literature coursework, I learned how to express myself well in writing and orally as well.  These skills are critical in my role where understanding the financial picture and being able to communicate that picture is part of my daily work.”

Gohl credits DU not only for his education and his career, but as a major part of his personal life as well.

“In addition to the education I received and the various positions I held at the Ritchie Center, I also met the person that would become my wife and my best friend.” (His wife, Keely Gohl, is the Director of Budget and Planning for the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences at DU.)

“DU helped to shape nearly every facet of my life and I am grateful for the 18 years I spent on campus and the friendships that I made,” he said.

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