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Publications and thoughtful commentary showcase the incredible work that comes out of our small liberal arts classrooms, studios and labs.

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This Month's Featured Stories  

NAGPRA: DU's Commitment to Building Relationships with Native Tribes

One of the most rewarding events in Anne Amati’s career took place this past October when she was invited to attend a reburial ceremony for six individuals by the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe. Amati is the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) coordinator for the University of Denver Museum of Anthropology. NAGPRA fosters close relationships between tribal communities and museums, which work together to repatriate cultural artifacts and human remains back to tribes across the United States. 

“NAGPRA is about building meaningful relationships with tribes and righting wrongs of the past. It’s important work that isn’t always easy, but can be extremely satisfying,” said Amati. She enjoys teaching students about NAGPRA and how to comply with the spirit and letter of the law.

The power of NAGPRA lies not only in its ability to return important cultural objects and human remains to native tribes, but also in the law’s ability to build lasting relationships between museums and indigenous communities, according to Amati.  The University of Denver Museum of Anthropology is part of a larger community of museums, agencies and tribes throughout Colorado that is proactive in NAGPRA work.  Contact Amati for more information on DU’s NAGPRA initiatives.

AHSS Advisory Board Members Give Their Time to DU

The AHSS Advisory Board is a national group of alumni and friends who generate ideas and share recommendations with faculty and administrators to enrich the AHSS community at DU.

“An AHSS education leaves you with many treasures — ideas grappled with, novels explored, art appreciated, history revealed — that enrich your life forever. I have benefited immensely, both personally and professionally, from the legacy of my undergraduate studies at DU,” said Dr. Tom Kulik (BA ’73, psychology), pediatric cardiologist and AHSS advisory board member.

Founded in May 2011 by an appointed alumni task force, the board meets twice a year on campus. Members perform much of their work via three committees devoted to community outreach, student engagement and fundraising. For example, the Connections Committee created the AHSS Alumni Achievement Awards program that grants four awards to meritorious alumni each spring. Nominations are now being accepted. Committee members need not be board members; contact us if you are interested in joining a committee.

Board President Amelia Ribneck Kleiman (BA ’79, political science and economics) welcomes your questions or comments.