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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)

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Publications and thoughtful commentary showcase the incredible work that comes out of our small liberal arts classrooms, studios and labs.

News and Events

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This Month's Featured Stories  

AHSS Welcomes Incoming New Students This Fall

studentsThe University’s incoming class of undergraduate students represents one of the most competitive pools of applicants in our history, with nearly 20,000 prospective students applying for an incoming class of just over 1,400 spots. This week AHSS welcomes more than 450 students who have pre-declared an AHSS major.

These incoming students are attending a week-long orientation program called Discoveries Week during which they register for classes, meet their new roommates, tour the campus and nearby Denver metropolis and more. 

When classes start, they’ll all take a First-Year Seminar (FSEM) course of their choice. FSEMs provide an in-depth academic experience for first-year students that is rigorous and personalized. FSEM professors take care to work closely with the freshmen to hone the kinds of academic skills that prepare them for success in college, including writing, critical reading and thinking, discussion and debate.

There are nearly 90 FSEMs that students can choose from. The topics range from U.S. immigration to the psychology of video games to the history of global hip hop. Professors select FSEM course topics based on their own scholarship and enthusiasm, such as ‘Rock Theatricality,’ taught by Sarah Crockarell, a lecturer in the department of theatre. From Elvis’ salacious hip-wiggling to the brutality of death metal, freshmen in Crockarell’s course will examine the ways that rock music uses theatricality to perform revolutionary ideas. 

Meet the AHSS Student Leaders

The 2015-2016 members of the AHSS Student Advisory Council (AHSS SAC) are already hard at work developing programming for their classmates for the year ahead.  Members of the incoming leadership council, elected in spring 2015, are:

  • President: Kristen Powell, sociology
  • VP of Alumni Relations: Chris Bach, political science and public policy
  • VP of Finance: Summer Shearer, emergent digital practices
  • VP of Communication and Social Media: Gabrielle Healy, senior, anthropology
  • VP of Programming and Events: Maggie Sweeney, journalism and political science

“AHSS SAC is a great way to enrich the academic atmosphere here at DU,” said Kristen Powell, a senior who was re-elected by her peers to serve a second year as SAC president. “This leadership group represents a variety of the programs within AHSS and focuses on learning beyond class time through guest lectures, interest-based programming and extracurricular opportunities. Our goal is to be strong liaisons between students and faculty with the intent of developing programming that increases student opportunity and enriches student experience.”

The AHSS SAC purpose is four-fold: to facilitate communication and relationships between AHSS undergraduate students and faculty through event programming and professional events; to foster increased awareness and visibility of the AHSS identity; to develop a student voice in AHSS event programming; and to be actively engaged in improving AHSS student spirit and university school spirit as a collective whole. The members of this council will work in tandem with other student leaders on campus, including AHSS student senators on Undergraduate Student Government