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This Month's Featured Stories  

AHSS Celebrates Faculty Achievements

With fall comes not only new students, but also promotions and transitions among our faculty colleagues.   Effective September 1, seven faculty members received a tenure and promotion.

Tenure and promotion reflects recognition of a faculty member’s significant achievements. To receive tenure and promotion, a candidate typically devotes up to six years working on research and creative endeavors. After receiving a departmental assessment of the candidate, the divisional faculty committee and dean review each candidate’s case and make recommendations to the provost. Upon the provost’s review, the candidate’s case is shared with the DU Board of Trustees, which ultimately grants or declines tenure and promotion. Decisions take into account research and creative production, teaching quality and campus service.

In addition, three professors received emeritus status this last year, and one professor is a new associate dean of the Morgridge College of Education.

“All of these changes recognize significant achievement, dedication and contribution to the mission of our departments, divisions, university and fields. Please join me in congratulating these colleagues,” said Dean Daniel McIntosh.

Four faculty have been promoted to full professor:

Three faculty received tenure and promotion to associate professor:

  • Rachel Walsh, department of languages and literatures, associate professor
  • Jeffrey Lin, department of sociology and criminology, associate professor
  • Derigan Silver, department of media, film and journalism studies, associate professor

In addition, three professors received emeritus status this last year:

  • Jessica Munns, department of English
  • Frank Seeburger, department of philosophy
  • William Anderson, department of philosophy

Janette Benson, associate professor in the department of psychology, has started her new position as associate dean of Morgridge College of Education.