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by Tamara Chapman

theatreWhen the curtain descended on the DU theater department’s fall 2014 run of “The Nina Variations,” director Anne Penner made an unscripted remark.

“I sort of half jokingly said, ‘We should take this to Edinburgh,’” Penner recalls.

Responsive to every cue, the cast and crew gave that idea an immediate green light, and so, before Penner had time for second thoughts, the troupe was making plans and raising funds to take their show on the road — to the world-famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Staged every August in the Scottish capital and billed as the planet’s largest arts festival, the extravaganza attracts tens of thousands of people to as many as 300 different shows every day for three weeks.

On Aug. 11–15, the DU group — performing as the Three Candles Theatre Company, a name that references a scene in the play — shared its take on “The Nina Variations.” The ensemble arrived in Edinburgh the day before the first of its five shows and went straight to the theater to begin assessing the stage. One night’s sleep later, they put their work before an audience of international arts lovers.  Read more… 

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