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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)

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Publications and thoughtful commentary showcase the incredible work that comes out of our small liberal arts classrooms, studios and labs.

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences



Symbolic Interpretations: Intersections of Science, Politics & Religion

Presented by Laleh Mehran, professor of emergent digital practices

No Acting, Please: The Paradox of Contemporary Acting Technique 

Presented by Anne Penner, assistant professor of theatre

Election 2016: What We Learned and What Comes Next

From God to Mammon: The 'Deep Theology' of Contemporary Neo-Liberalism

Presented by Carl Raschke, professor of religious studies

Talking About Torture: U.S. Politics and the Debate About Enhanced Interrogation

Presented by Jared Del Rosso, assistant professor of sociology--October 2016

How the Bible Became a Book: The Rise of Scripture in Judaism and Christianity

Presented by Dr. Alison Schofield, associate professor of religious studies, May 2, 2016, AHSS Alumni Reception and Livingston Lecture