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Student Spotlight

We enjoy putting a spotlight on our outstanding students. If you'd like to nominate a student to be profiled, please contact us.

Student Spotlight 

by Sarah Leiser

AduWithin a few years of moving to the U.S. from Ghana, Anthony Adu began to grow interested in theatre and performance. That interest grew to a love of performing as he began to study it full time at DU.

"I love that in becoming someone else, I am able to learn more about people and myself as a result, and why humans do what they do. I am most excited when I get to impact people and get them to think and feel things about life and all that comes with it," said Adu, now in his third year as a theatre major.

Although he didn't consider studying theatre fulltime until his first year at DU, Adu was inspired by the art of performance as a high school student. He participated in an area of speech and debate called Interpretation Events where he had to create a ten minute monologue from a book or script and perform it in front of judges. In these competitions Adu learned that he enjoyed being in the spotlight and engaging audiences by tugging on their heartstrings. He began to imagine what he could do given more than a few minutes to perform.

Through the DU theatre program, Adu has played several different roles in a variety of shows. He has been Mr. Mushink in Little Shop of Horrors, Macduff in Macbeth, and played multiple roles in Stage Door. The program is more than practical experience for Adu, it also has helped him build relationships.

"The one thing that makes this program unique and amazing for me are the personal connections I've gotten to have with all the students in the program and the professors. DU theatre feels like home to me because I have so many people supporting me and helping me through my education and life beyond the walls of the department," Adu said.

Being a part of the DU program has helped Adu become involved in theatre outside of the University. This past fall Adu played Valere in the Moliere satirical classic Tartuffe at the Arvada Center. He describes the experience as one of the most magical times of his life. Adu feels incredibly lucky that he was a part of the production and looks at the show as the start of his career outside of school. He says the production allowed him to witness the professionalism and the creative process of the director and other actors.

Adu has plans of being an actor on Broadway, and it is this dream that inspires what he does each day. He realizes that this dream requires hard work and dedication to his craft. But beyond making it on Broadway, Adu wants to devote his life to the art of theatre.

"I want to do good work that inspires and moves people. As long as I am able to do work that I am passionate about and get to inspire people in the process, I would have 'made it,' even if that happens outside of Broadway."

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