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Department of Philosophy

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Department of Philosophy

Preparing you to be a masterful communicator and problem solver in any career

Studying philosophy at the University of Denver enhances your life by training you to:

  • Reason cogently.
  • Formulate concepts and questions clearly.
  • Solve problems intelligently.

In the process, you can:

  • Study literature rooted in the beginnings of civilization.
  • Ask timeless questions about the nature of reality and the possibility of human knowledge.
  • Deal with issues as contemporary as nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and euthanasia.

What a philosophy degree can do for you

Undergraduate philosophy majors are among the most employable, according to a 2011 Georgetown University study. At the time of the study’s publication, 92 percent of graduates who received philosophy degrees were employed. A 2013 article on agrees: philosophy emphasizes clarity of thought and produces some of the most employable graduates.

In a survey of 50 undergraduate majors, philosophy ranked 16th highest in entry and median income. Philosophy also ranked the 4th highest among liberal arts majors.

With a degree in philosophy, you'll join alumni putting problem-solving and reasoning skills to use in a variety of fields. For example:

  • Tiffany Montano (BA '11) works for a New Orleans-based nonprofit, where she's helping build a writing center in a local public high school.
  • Since receiving his master's degree in philosophy, alumnus Rutherford Witthus has taught at DU and exhibited his artwork across the country.
  • Ryan Brown (BA '05, MBA '07) is a consultant for a business and technology management company in Centennial, Colo.
  • Scott Harding (BA '91) owns his own real estate and construction business.
  • David Von Drehle (BA '83) is editor-at-large for TIME magazine and an award-winning journalist who has written three books.
  • Luke Weidel (BA '06) started a sustainable fishing company in Alaska.

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