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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Political Science

Dr. Masket talks to foreign press about the Debate

Areas of Study

Course Schedules

  Fall Quarter 2014








FSEM 1111 Food Fights; Food Solutions MW 12-1:50pm David Ciepley  
FSEM 1111 Politics of Education Reform MW 2-3:50pm Lisa Conant  
FSEM 1111 American, China & Competition for Global Leadership MW 4-5:50pm Jing Sun  
FSEM 1111 Marriage, the Military, & Maddow TR 12-1:50pm Nancy Wadsworth  
FSEM 1111 Freedom & Its Opposites TR 10-11:50am Joshua Wilson  
PLSC 1000 Intro to American Politics TR 2-3:50pm Joshua Wilson  
PLSC 1110 Comparative Politics MW 12-1:50pm Jing Sun  
PLSC 2415 Campaigns & Elections TR 12-1:50pm Jeffrey Lyons American
PLSC 2425 Religion in American Politics MW 2-3:50pm Nancy Wadsworth American
PLSC 2650 Democracy & the Corporation MW 4-5:50pm David Ciepley Theory
PLSC 2700 Fact Lab R 4-7:50pm Charles Plunkett  
PLSC 2820 Civil Rights & Liberties TR 4-5:50pm Jeffrey Lyons Law
PLSC 2840 International Law & Human Rights MW 10-11:50am Lisa Conant  Comparative/Law
PLSC 2901 Political Inquiry TR 10-11:50am E. Spencer Wellhofer Required for majors
PLSC 3982 Political Internship F 11-2:50pm Seth Masket  
ASEM 2616 Globalization: Its Discontents TR 2-3:50pm E. Spencer Wellhofer  

  Winter Quarter 2015


  Spring Quarter 2015