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Department of Psychology


Jill Holm-Denoma

 Please note that Dr. Holm-Denoma is not accepting graduate applicants for Fall 2017

Areas of expertise/research interests

  • risk factors for eating disorders
  • the development of eating disorders among understudied populations
  • empirically based classification of eating disorders

Current research and projects

I am currently working on projects that seek to identify multi-level risk factors for the development of disordered eating and obesity across the lifespan.

  • Dr. Ben Hankin and I are examining prospective risk factors for disordered eating and associated internalizing syndromes among boys and girls ages 7-16.
  • Dr. Pete Lewinsohn and I are identifying prospective risk factors for obesity among children ages 2-13.
  • Dr. Jeremy Reynolds and I are looking at reward-learning as a risk factor for binge eating disorder among young adults using functional magnetic resonance imaging.
  • I am also examining sociocultural risk factors for the development of eating disorders among middle-aged women.

Professional biography

In addition to the research I conduct, I am an active teacher and clinician. In line with clinical-scientist view, I believe that students benefit from learning how empirically based information informs clinical work and vice versa.

Each semester, I supervise graduate students who are working in the Clinic for Child and Family Psychology. Although I primarily supervise comprehensive assessment cases, I also supervise therapy cases as needed. In both therapy and assessment cases, I encourage students to use the relevant literature to select high-quality measures and treatments and to inform their case conceptualization.

I also encourage students to collect data when engaging in clinical work because it allows them a) to continually refine their treatment approach with an individual client (an ideographic aim), and b) to pool data across clients and present results in peer-reviewed journal articles (a nomothetic aim).

I approach the majority of my clinical work and supervision from a cognitive-behavioral orientation, and keep my own clinical skills up to date by seeing patients in my Denver-based private practice.

I also teach undergraduate courses regularly. Each year, I teach the Undergraduate Field Experiences in Clinical Settings course, which offers senior psychology majors the opportunity to work in a clinical mental health setting 10-15 hours per week. I also teach Introduction to Clinical Psychology and Research Methods.


  • PhD, clinical psychology, Florida State University, 2007
  • MS, clinical psychology, Florida State University, 2004
  • BA, psychology, Illinois Wesleyan University, 2001

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

  • Holm-Denoma, J.M., Smith, A., Lewinsohn, P.M., & Pettit, J. (in press). Psychosocial Predictors of Body Mass Index at Late Childhood: A Longitudinal Investigation.  Journal of Health Psychology.
  • Bodell, L., Hames, J., Holm-Denoma, J.M., Smith, A., & Gordon, K.H. (2012). Does the Stress Generation Hypothesis Apply to Eating Disorders?: An Examination of Stress Generation in Eating, Depressive, and Anxiety Symptoms. Journal of Affective Disorders, 142, 139-142.
  • Gordon, K., Holm-Denoma, J., Troop-Gordon, W., & Sand, E. (2012). Rumination and Body Dissatisfaction Interact to Predict Binge Eating. Body Image, 9, 352-357.
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  • Van Orden, K., Witte, T., Holm-Denoma, J., Gordon, K., & Joiner, T. (2011). "Suicidal behavior on Axis VI: Clinical data supporting a sixth axis for DSM-V." Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention, 32, 110-113.
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Edited Book:

  • Buckner, J., Castro, Y., Holm-Denoma, J., & Joiner, T. (2007). Mental Health Care for People of Diverse Backgrounds. Edited volume. Oxford: Radcliffe Publishing.