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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Psychology


Charles S. Reichardt

 Please note that Dr. Reichardt is not accepting graduate applicants

Areas of expertise/research interests

  • statistics
  • research methods
  • thinking exercises

Current research and projects

  • Thinking Exercises
  • Data Sets
  • Teaching Web Site
  • The IDEA Project
  • Vita

Professional biography

I'm a methodologist and statistician. My research focuses on the logic and practice of causal inference in both laboratory and field settings. I'm particularly interested in quasi-experimentation, structural equation modeling and program evaluation.

Currently, I'm developing a logic for estimating causal effects and writing a text on quasi-experimentation. Both works are concerned with the means of ruling out alternative explanations for a presumed treatment effect, and with representing and reducing uncertainty about the size of treatment effects, especially where uncertainty arises from sources other than random sampling error. Another topic of long-standing interest to me is how, when estimating treatment effects, to take account of initial differences between treatment groups when individuals have not been randomly assigned to the groups. In addition to conducting traditional academic research, I consult for a wide range of organizations and individuals, and include students as apprentices in this work as well.

Like my research, my teaching focuses more on the logic and practice of statistical procedures than on their mathematical derivation. I'd very much welcome collaborators in research as well as in developing hands-on materials for students in both introductory and advanced statistics courses.


  • PhD, Northwestern University, 1979
  • MA, Northwestern University, 1975
  • BA, Northwestern University, 1973

Selected Publications

  • Reichardt, C. S. (2010). "Testing Astrological Predictions about Sex, Marriage, and Selfishness." Skeptic, 15, 40-45.
  • Reichardt, C. S. (2011). "Evaluating Methods for Estimating Program Effects." American Journal of Evaluation, 32, 246-272.
  • Reichardt, C. S. (2011). "Criticisms of and an alternative to the Shadish, Cook and Campbell Validity Typology." In Chen, H. T., Donaldson, S. I,& Mark, M. M. (eds.). Advancing validity in outcome evaluation: Theory and practice, New Directions for Evaluation, 130, 43-53.
  • Reichardt, C. S. & Henry, G. T. (in press, 2011). "Regression-discontinuity designs." In Cooper, H. (Ed.) (2012). The handbook of research methods in psychology. Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.
  • Reichardt, C. S. (2011). "Commentary: Are three waves of data sufficient for assessing mediation?" Multivariate Behavioral Research, 46, 842-851.