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Department of Psychology

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The University of Denver Interdisciplinary Research Incubator for the Study of (In)Equality (IRISE) has awarded Drs. Julia Dmitrieva, Omar Gudino, Sara Watamura, and Ryan Gildersleeve funds for a two-year postdoctoral fellow position focusing on the adjustment of Latino immigrant families. Drs. Dmitrieva, Gudino, and Watamura from the Department of Psychology and Dr. Gildersleeve from the Morgridge College of Education approach the study of immigrant Latino adjustment using diverse methods and disciplinary perspectives. This IRISE interdisciplinary postdoctoral fellowship will provide the fellow with opportunities to train using large dataset methodology and advanced longitudinal data analysis, qualitative data analysis, and community-engaged research. For additional details and application instructions, please visit

Drs. Pilyoung Kim, Kateri McRae and Jeremy Reynolds were awarded funds for a two-year post doctoral fellow position through the Renew DU research initiative. Drs. Kim, McRae and Reynolds all use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine which parts of the brain are engaged when individuals are experiencing negative emotions, or using higher-order cognitive control to regulate their thoughts or feelings when individuals are exposed to chronic stress. The post-doc will support efforts to collect, manage and analyze this rich neuroimaging data as part of several collaborative research projects, studying adults and children in poverty. Details about the position will be available soon at


  • DU Day of Action

    On May 11th, 2013, over 350 Monroe Elementary School students, staff, and parents came to the University of Denver to explore and learn about what it is like to go to college. Graduate students, faculty, and staff from the psychology department engaged 3rd and 4th grade students in learning about brain functioning and structure. The demonstration included helping the young students to make their very own model of a neuron to take home and the dissection of a gelatin brain. Students (elementary and graduate alike) had a great time sharing knowledge and getting excited about psychology!
    (Faculty: Pilyoung Kim; Graduate Students: Pareezad Zarolia, Hannah Bianco; Staff: Daniel Bartholomew) 

Faculty Spotlight

Professor Omar Gudino appointed to Denver Latino Commission

Associate Professor Elysia Davis studies the effects of prenatal environment on long-term development

Professor Bruce Pennington has a new book published: Explaining Abnormal Behavior, A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective

Drs. Elysia Davis and Pilyoung Kim's work on understanding how the prenatal and postnatal environment affects a child's life course has been highlighted

Assistant Professor Pilyoung Kim is quoted in an article about how The Stress of Childhood Poverty May Have Long Effect on Brain

Research Professor Scott Stanley is quoted extensively in Chronicle of Higher Education article "The Great Mom & Dad Experiment"

Professor Kateri McRae shows how Burning Man's unique culture alters emotion regulation

Professor Omar Gudino aims to improve mental health care for at-risk youth

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Student Spotlight

Doctoral student Shelby Scott receives grant to study lesbian couples 

Psychology Undergraduate Student Pursues Research Interests

Alumni Spotlight