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Department of Psychology

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We are pleased to announce that Dr. Peter Sokol-Hessner will be joining the department in the Fall 2016 as the newest ASC faculty member.  Peter received his Ph.D. in Psychology (Cognition and Perception) from New York University, where is also currently completing his postdoc fellowship.  Welcome Peter!


Join us for a Marsico Visiting Scholar lecture by Gary Evans, Ph.D., an environmental and developmental psychologist from Cornell University, interested in how the physical environment affects human health and well-being among children—March 31

  • Mental Health Day

    Professor Kateri McRae (far right) and former FSEM (Exploring Psychology Through Theater) students attended the musical Next to Normal at the Town Hall Arts Center in February 2015 and got the chance to meet with the cast who answered their questions.

Faculty Spotlight

Professor Pilyoung Kim Studies Poverty and its Impact on Emotional Development

Professor Sarah Watamura named a 2015 Aspen Institute Ascend Fellow

Professor Pilyoung Kim received the SRCD Victoria S. Levin Award.  Professor Elysia Davis is one of her selected mentors for the award.

Professor Chip Reichardt receives the Faculty Service Award

Professor Daniel McIntosh Appointed Dean of AHSS

Professor Omar Gudino appointed to Denver Latino Commission

Associate Professor Elysia Davis studies the effects of prenatal environment on long-term development

Professor Bruce Pennington has a new book published: Explaining Abnormal Behavior, A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective

Drs. Elysia Davis and Pilyoung Kim's work on understanding how the prenatal and postnatal environment affects a child's life course has been highlighted

Assistant Professor Pilyoung Kim is quoted in an article about how The Stress of Childhood Poverty May Have Long Effect on Brain

Research Professor Scott Stanley is quoted extensively in Chronicle of Higher Education article "The Great Mom & Dad Experiment"

Professor Kateri McRae shows how Burning Man's unique culture alters emotion regulation

Professor Omar Gudino aims to improve mental health care for at-risk youth 

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Student Spotlight

PhD Student Promotes Inclusive Excellence through Research in Clinical Psychology

Doctoral student Shelby Scott receives grant to study lesbian couples 

Psychology Undergraduate Student Pursues Research Interests

Alumni Spotlight