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Graduate students with an archaeology emphasis must assume full responsibility for acquainting themselves with, and satisfying, all the requirements for the master's degree.

They are expected to read the Anthropology Department Graduate Student Handbookand DU Bulletin of Graduate Studies very carefully. They should consult with their Adviser and/or the department's Director of Graduate Studies to assure that they are meeting all degree requirements in the correct manner and order.


The MA degree in archaeology is designed to offer students training in both the "academic" (anthropological) and "applied" (e.g., cultural resource management) aspects of archaeology. These different aspects of our discipline are often thought to be either mutually exclusive or in conflict with each other. Our goal at DU is to provide training that can coherently integrate these two aspects. We seek to graduate individuals who can successfully move either straight into a PhD program in anthropology, or into the world of public, applied archaeology.


Course Requirements

a. All students must complete the following:

  • ANTH 3660 Anthropological Theory, Method and Practice
  • ANTH 4000 Advanced Anthropology
  • One skill - Language or Quantitative Research Methods
  • Qualifying exam
  • Thesis, Paper and Exhibit, Paper with 60 credits

b. All students must have had a practical experience including one, but not limited to one of the following: museum internship, archaeological field school or field methods class or ethnographic field work.

c. Archaeology track students must also complete:

  • ANTH 3990 Summer Field School in Archaeology or ANTH 3790 Field Methods in Archaeology OR approved by the department's Director of Graduate Studies in consultation with the student's adviser, a substitute field experience (e.g., previous field school or CRM work)
  • ANTH 4650 Archaeological Method and Theory
  • One cultural anthropology course and one museum and heritage studies course chosen in consultation with student's adviser
  • At least one of the following:
    • ANTH 3170 Applied Heritage Management
    • ANTH 3390 Geoarchaeology
    • ANTH 4040 Historical Archaeology


Please review the 2012-2013 Graduate Student Handbook for detailed degree requirements.