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Cultural Anthropology

The Cultural Anthropology track creates a distinctive forum for applying anthropological analyses and methodologies to pressing global issues of human rights and under-development. The cultural anthropology concentration is a flexible program which aims to provide students with both theoretical and applied skill sets.

Geographical strengths within the department include the American Southwest, Southeast Asia/Indonesia, and Latin America.

The cultural anthropology concentration serves the needs of a variety of students. Beyond the required History of Anthropological Theory, an introductory master's seminar and Advanced Anthropology, the program for cultural anthropology students are tailored to their individual needs. They are not required to take particular courses, but must take 45 hours with a thesis or 60 hours with a research paper. Of those credits, up to 15 hours may be taken in other departments. The topic of the thesis or paper must be on cultural anthropology.


Course Requirements

a. All students must complete the following:

  • ANTH 3660 Anthropological Theory, Method and Practice
  • ANTH 4000 Advanced Anthropology
  • One skill - Language or Quantitative Research Methods
  • Qualifying exam
  • Thesis, Paper and Exhibit, Paper with 60 credits

b. Cultural Anthropology track students must take at least half of their courses in cultural anthropology coursework. Thesis or Master's Paper must be on a cultural anthropology topic. Students must take at least one archaeology course and one museum and heritage studies course chosen in consultation with the student's adviser.

Please review the 2012-2013 Graduate Student Handbook for detailed degree requirements.