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Master of Arts in Anthropology

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The MA requires an emphasis in one of three areas:

The Archaeology program provides training that integrates the academic and applied aspects of archaeology. It prepares students for PhD programs in anthropology and careers in cultural resource management.

The program in Museum Studies emphasizes both academic and professional training using archaeological and ethnographic materials. It prepares students to meet the growing need of modern museums.

The Cultural Anthropology program emphasizes action anthropology, gender studies, and ethnohistory. It creates a unique forum for applying anthropological analyses and methodologies to pressing global issues of human rights and underdevelopment.

Degree Tracks

Cultural Anthropology
Museum Studies

2012-2013 Graduate Handbook

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General Requirements

  1. MA degree requirements
    1. 48 quarter hours with a thesis
    2. 60 quarter hours with a master's paper
    3. 48 quarter hours with a master's paper plus museum exhibit
    4. In consultation with their adviser, students may fulfill part of their credit requirements by taking courses in any of the other anthropology concentrations.
    5. No more than 10 quarter hours will be accepted in transfer from another institution (more hours can be petitioned for, with 60 quarter hours and a master's paper).
    6. Students may take up to 15 credit hours in other departments/programs in consultation with your adviser.
  2. Tool Requirements
    1. Students must demonstrate a reading proficiency in a language other than English OR a proficiency in quantitative methods. Tool requirements must be fulfilled at least on quarter before graduation
      1. Language
        1. The student should select a language in consultation with the advisor. The Center for World Languages and Cultures offers tests in French, German, Russian, Italian and Spanish on a quarterly basis. Please check with them for testing dates. Students must pass this exam with certification from The Center for World Languages and Cultures. The CWLC strongly recommends two years of recent college courses in the language tested.
        2. A second option for fulfilling the language requirement is through course work in the Department of Languages and Literatures.  Students must earn an A or B in two courses at the 2100 level or in any course for which 2100 is a prerequisite. These courses cannot be counted for credit toward the M.A.  Students who have taken comparable courses at other universities should take the Foreign Language test.
        3. A student may be exempted from the language test upon submitting verification to the Department that the student is proficient in a language other than those listed above.
      2. Quantitative Methods: The student must complete ANTH 3680:  Quantitative Methods in Anthropology - with a grade of B or better.  This course may be counted toward the required 48 or 60 hours. A prerequisite for this course is a basic knowledge of social science statistics.  Students without fundamental statistics might consider such a course in the Business School or in the Psychology or Mathematics Department.  Please note that Quantitative Methods is taught every other year.

Please review the 2012-2013 Graduate Student Handbook for detailed degree requirements.