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Anthropology Minors 

Anthropology Minor


  • ANTH 1010 - Humankind in Context 
  • Additional courses for a minimum of 20 credit hours

Please refer to the 2012-2013 Undergraduate Handbook for additional details.

Urban Studies Minor

In the Urban Studies Minor you will learn:

  • Origins and contemporary problems of urban society in the United States
  • Current challenges and future possibilities facing the large American city
  • Intended and unintended consequences of public policy pertaining to:
    • Land-use
    • Transportation
    • Housing
    • Education
    • Growth management
    • Economic development; 
  • Cities as places of excitement and stimulation, and as places of danger and despair
  • Social life and culture of urban living

What is the Urban Studies Minor?

The Urban Studies Minor takes an interdisciplinary approach by bringing many different perspectives to the study of urban life. You will take courses in Anthropology, Education, Economics, Geography, Human Communication Studies and Sociology. This coursework will help shape your intellectual understanding of cities and refine your questions about urban life. You will have a diverse array of opportunities to think and learn about cities in an informed, disciplined, and integrated way.

Urban Studies Career Opportunities

There are many practical applications for Urban Studies. When students combine Urban Studies with another major this can lead to many exciting careers:

  • Urban planning and redevelopment
  • Low-income housing development
  • Criminal justice
  • Environmental planning
  • Human services
  • Law and government
  • Medicine
  • Real estate
  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • Arts and culture administration
  • International development organizations
  • Foundations and public policy research


Anthropology 4 credits:
ANTH 3890 The Context of Material Culture or
ANTH 3703 Race, Class, and Gender

Economics 5 credits:
ECON 3590 Urban Economics or
ECON 2590 Regional Economics of Metro Denver

Education 5 credits:
CUI 3995 Urban Education or
CUI 3996 Urban Youth Development

Geography 4 credits:
GEOG 3400 Urban Landscapes or
GEOG 3420 Urban and Regional Planning

Human Communication Studies:
HCOM 3315 Public Deliberation or
HCOM 3140 Intercultural Communication

Sociology 5 credits:
SOCI 2700 The Sociology of Place or
SOCI 2320 Race and Ethnic Relations

For further information on the Urban Studies Minor, visit the website.