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Christina R.   Foust


BS, Kansas State University
MA, University of Nebraska, Lincoln 
PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Dr. Foust's research and teaching engage rhetoric, power, and social change in a variety of contexts, including social movements, political discourse and pop culture. More particularly, Foust's scholarship considers how the often non-normative, un-institutionalized voices of resistance work to change their communities, and how normative or institutionalized discourses reinforce their ability to maintain power.

She is author of the book, Transgression as a Mode of Resistance: Rethinking Social Movement in an Era of Corporate Globalization, which stakes a claim for transgression as a unique, viable mode of resistance, amidst traditional theories and practices of social change which rely upon hegemony. Foust's more recent projects consider the development of conservatism in the US as a social movement; and the disciplinary uptake of "social movement rhetoric" and "counterpublics" as conceptual vocabularies. Her work also appears in Review of Communication, Western Journal of Communication, Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies, Southern Communication Journal, and Women's Studies in Communication.