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Joshua Hanan

Joshua Hanan


BA, Humboldt State University 
MA, San Diego State University 
PhD, University of Texas at Austin


Joshua Hanan is an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Communication Ethics. His scholarship examines the rhetorical limits of democracy from within the biopolitical terrain of modern political economy. He is particularly interested in the political economy of late neoliberalism and how this rationality of government calls into question the civic-humanist tradition of classical and contemporary rhetorical theory. In the course of such research, Hanan has explored a number of recent policy problematics, including the role of rhetoric and culture in mediating financial crises, the greening of multinational corporations, and the centrality of new communication technologies to producing democratic structures of sovereignty outside the traditional nation-state form. Hanan's work is published in a number of journals both inside and outside the discipline of communication studies, including Communication & Critical/Cultural Studies, Rhetoric & Public Affairs, Cultural Economy, Environmental Communication, Argumentation & Advocacy, and The Electronic Journal of Communication. He recently completed a co-authored edited volume (with Mark Hayward) titled Communication and the Economy: History, Value, and Agency and is presently co-editing (with Catherine Chaput) a special issue of Cultural Economy that examines the intersections between economic rhetoric and neoliberal political economy. Hanan is also working on a book project called Toward a Rhetorical Theory of Oikonomia: Economic Imaginaries and the Rhetorical Criticism of Biopolitics, a manuscript that takes as its critical telos a rethinking of the discipline of rhetoric from the historically contingent standpoint of the oikos, or domestic household, rather than the ahistorical standpoint of the democratic polis.