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Tessa Hansen

Tessa Hansen

Why a COMN Major?

In the spring of my freshman year I took COMN 1100: Communication in Personal Relationship. This class immediately took hold of my interests. I further looked into the major and decided it was right for me. Communication Studies gives such a foundation that can be used in many other fields, in many different jobs, as well as in daily life.

What have I learned in some of my classes that helped me in my internship?

Last summer I did an internship that counted for my capstone seminar requirement in Communication Studies. The internship was with a non-profit in Aurora called Rights for All People (RAP). They are a grassroots organization, which does work with immigrant populations through education, referrals, community organizing, and campaigns. Through this internship I was able to gain some real world experience as well as apply some of the skills from communication studies courses. One of my favorite classes at DU was COMN 1015: Gender and Voice. In this class we talked a lot about gender, privilege, and heteronormativity. Through my internship, I was able to apply the concepts from this class to concepts of race, class, and citizenship status. My internship with RAP opened my eyes to the many biases against immigrant populations such as racial profiling, discriminatory laws, and underrepresentation in the media. I realized that all prejudice seems to come from the same place: a place of fear. Another class that really helped me with my internship was COMN 1600: Communication and Popular Culture. In this class we spent a lot of time analyzing advertisements. The analytical and academic perspectives of advertising that I gained from this class helped me when I was in the position of creating flyers for RAP events and distributing them in the community.

How does my major connect to my future?

My Communication Studies major has given me many skills including analytical, critical, and persuasive skills. It has helped me to become a better public speaker, a better overall communicator, and a better writer. This major has given me new perspectives and encouraged me to have an open mind. I believe that my major will serve me in my future, whichever direction I choose to go in. I am currently looking into my options and thinking about going back to school for a masters degree. Right now I am considering going into either occupational therapy or acupuncture, but I am trying to keep my options open. I know that my Communication studies major has given me important skills that will serve me in whichever career that I choose.