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Communication Studies

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Graduate Student Research Interests

  • Tiffani Baldwin: Aging; Gender; Peace communication
  • Jared Bishop: Paulo Freire, Critical Pedagogy and Praxis; Critical Media Studies; Hegemony and Social Control; Discourse Analysis; All oriented toward identifying and interrupting the discursive foundations of alienation, hopelessness, and lovelessness
  • Justin Borowsky: Interpersonal approach to examining the discourse of conflict, conflict resolution, negotiation, crisis negotiation, hostage negotiation, and mediation
  • Chih-Yun Chiang: Representation and construction of Chinese identity and subjectivity in transnational Chinese films;
  • Jennifer Corti: Interpersonal/family communication with an interest in sibling relationships and life transitions
  • Patrick Dodge: Communication of Cultural Difference and Similarity in China, Anti-Chinese Discrimination in U.S. Contexts, and Racialization of the Body & Spatial Politics
  • Matt Dunn: Religious rhetoric; American public address and pedagogy
  • Daniel Foster: Knowledge/power relationships, Resistance; Material conditioning of democratic participation; Initial relationship development across cultures
  • Stephen Griffin: Small group theory as applied to community with an emphasis on the voice of the community member in decision making in community organizations and community building
  • Cassidy Higgins: Social construction of privilege as it relates to race and/or sexuality
  • Katherine Hurley: Ethics and biotechnology, with a focus on the rhetoric surrounding childhood immunizations and childhood diseases
  • Jeanne Jacobs: Critical pedagogy; Gender; Whiteness studies; Ethnographic methods
  • Daniel Johnson: Interpersonal and family communication with a focus on mediated communication in long distance relationships; adult sibling relationships; and the triadic relationship between parents, college students, and faculty/staff working in higher education
  • Richard Jones, Jr.: Culture and communication; Critical cultural studies of intersections of identity (sexuality, gender, race, class, ability); Qualitative and performative research methods
  • Julia Khrebtan-Hoerhager: Culture and communication; International business communication; Issues of intercultural business training; Contemporary immigration; Corporate world and organizational culture; Communication and gender; Globalization
  • Paul Kosempel: Interpersonal; Relational dialectics; Mentoring; Ethnography;
  • Lucie Lawrence: Family communication; Disability studies
  • Jacquelynn Suzette McDaniel: Covert Discrimination; Organizational Culture; Oppression; Spiritual Communication; Social Justice; Institutional Power
  • Dawn Marie McIntosh: Performance studies; Critical Intercultural Communication; Rhetoric, specifically in the research areas of race, class, gender and sexuality; Constructions and performances of identity; Marginalized voice
  • Jennifer Morrison: Vietnamese/Vietnamese American identity and representations in popular cultural texts;
  • Lori Poole: Trust, privacy, forgiveness and relational boundaries among siblings and families, as well as friends and other voluntary, non-familial relationships;
  • Kristine Reyes: How dogs are constructed as members of the family; Dogs as significant others; Implications for human relationship opportunities using dogs as relational keys; Health communication between patients, visitors or health care workers and therapy dogs and their handlers; Identity construction and maintenance of shelter workers who have to kill animals as part of their duties
  • Chelsea A.H. Stow: Newlyweds and their engagement process, with interest in family narratives surrounding conflict negotiation/avoidance and role ambiguity or (dis)identification
  • Brandon Stow: Critical interrogations of whiteness; Performance; Autoethnography
  • Joseph Velasco: Closeness, friendships, emotional expression, interpersonal competence, and communication across life-stages
  • Marissa Yandall: Integrating interpersonal/family and cultural communication theory within the context of sport; Parent-child communication in youth sports; Performance studies; Graduate student experience and social interaction
  • Amy Zsohar: Performance of gender in women in same sex dyads