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The role of communication in the human condition reveals itself in many forms. From the ways that families use communication to negotiate a sense of identity to the role of communication in maintaining or challenging cultural bases of power to the use of communication in public deliberation, communication is essential in the functioning of society. Graduate study in the Department of Communication Study allows students the opportunity to explore and become expert in diverse areas of focus.

Students in our graduate program become part of a rich history. The University of Denver awarded its first PhD in communication in 1894. Since then, the university and the department have undergone dramatic changes. Our commitment to graduate education in communication, however, has remained a primary focus of our work.

Our department currently offers three areas of concentration. In the Interpersonal and Family Communication area, faculty members focus on the role of communication in defining and maintaining relationships. The Culture and Communication area offers a critical perspective in investigating the communicative constitution of difference. Faculty in the Rhetoric and Communication Ethics area emphasize the ways that ethics and justice are constituted in public communication.

The faculty members of the Department of Communication Studies are active scholars, integrating their work with students and their ongoing programs of research. We offer both MA and PhD programs. Our MA graduates have gone on to doctoral work and to varied careers in non-profit and business arenas. The PhD program is primarily a research degree, with the focus of preparing students for an academic career. Beyond the objective of completing a degree and embarking on a career, our graduate program offers students the opportunity to gain insights and experiences that will serve them well in all areas of life.

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M.A. Program Degree Options:

  • M.A. Communication Studies (Thesis)
  • M.A. Communication Studies (Comprehensive Examination)
  • M.A. Communication Studies: Culture and Communication (Thesis)
    M.A. Communication Studies: Culture and Communication (Comprehensive Examination)

Ph.D. Program Degree Options:

  • Ph.D. Communication Studies: Culture and Communication
  • Ph.D. Communication Studies: Interpersonal and Family Communication
  • Ph.D. Communication Studies: Rhetorical and Communication Ethics