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Richard Foude book, Fabric Poetics of Trespass

New Books

Horse Less Books has published Richard Froude's collection of poetry, Fabric.  Maggie Nelson says, "The formal distillation and intellectual range of this book are impressive enough; even more so is Froude’s gentle but insistent touching on questions of God, mortality, war, memory, family, intimacy, and history.  Froude sets up poetic shop in the fraught space between ‘terror and fertility,’ and wrests from it this exceptionally beautiful, intelligent book.”

Otis Books/Seismicity Editions has published Erik Anderson's book, The Poetics of Trespass.  Anderson himself says,

Like writing, walking may also amount to a mixture of imprimatur and erasure.  But does my walking nearly replace one grid with another?  There's something tyrannical, Sisyphean, in passing over the same ground over and over again, in being compelled (or compelling oneself) to do so.  And yet I am likely the only one who will ever walk these exact paths – they would lead one so ludicrously out of one's way. But then, that's their purpose.

New Jobs

In the fall of 2011, Danielle Dutton joined the MFA faculty at Washington University in St. Louis.  Greg Howard is now teaching at the University of Maine.  Joshua Marie Wilkinson teaches in the MFA program at Arizona.  Recently, Richard Greenfield took a position in the MFA program at New Mexico State University and Peter Grandbois began teaching at Denison University in Ohio.