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The Master of Arts in English

The Department of English offers the PhD in English with concentrations in creative writing, literary studies, and rhetoric and theory, as well as the MA with a concentration in literary studies.

Our major areas for dissertation research include creative writing; modern and contemporary British; American; American multicultural literature and Anglophone literatures; genre studies; and literary theory and rhetoric. We also offer course work in traditional literary fields, cultural studies, ethnic literatures and gender studies.

  • Ours is a small and intimate department of 22 faculty, all of whom publish widely and seek to translate their learning into shared experiences by working closely with students in and out of the classroom.

Because of our relatively small faculty, the department has the flexibility to allow students to tailor their degrees to their specific talents and interests. We do so with a distinctive curriculum that offers not only typical graduate seminars but also writing workshops, individually designed tutorials, and colloquia devoted to teaching and professional development. Such a curriculum encourages students to cross genre boundaries in their writing, to relate theory to practice and to work creatively with scholarly projects.

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