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Graduate Course Information


PhD students take mainly 4000-level courses. 3000-level courses are open to MA students as well as to advanced undergraduate English majors and Honors students. These courses include a range of literatures in English or English translation, History/Structure of the Language, Cultural Studies, and Bibliography and Research Methods.


Creative Writing workshops include poetry, fiction, travel writing, cross-genre, translation, book review, and non-fiction. Typically, at least four workshops are offered each year. 


Graduate tutorials are special courses open to second- and third-year PhD students. They involve one or more students working with one faculty member, with meeting times and outcomes to be arranged between faculty and students. A list of possible tutorials is available at the start of each year. Tutorials cannot satisfy 60-hour course requirements. No tutorials are allowed during the first year of PhD study. Four hours are allowed during the second year and 10 hours during the third year.

Graduate Colloquium

Second-year PhD students are required to take the Graduate Colloquium (Two hours credit/quarter) during Winter quarter. Various faculty present topics of scholarly, creative, and professional interest to graduate students: writing and research topics, preparation for job searches, themes in the profession, etc.

Professional Development Seminar

A year-long Professional Development Seminar is required for all first-year PhD students, in pedagogical and theoretical issues involved in the teaching of literature and writing.


No one course taken in the department can satisfy two requirements. All course work must be passed with at least a grade of B, and at least half of the courses must be with an "A" grade. A grade of "C" in any course may be the cause for dismissal from the program.