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Lamont School of Music

Audition Requirements--Oboe

Undergraduate (BM and BA)

  1. All major scales and minor scales
  2. Chromatic scale, full instrument range (B flat-F)
  3. One Barret or Ferling etude
  4. Solo or movement of solo from one of the following:
        * Marcello, Concerto in C Minor
        * Any Handel sonata
        * Mozart, Concerto in C Major
        * Mozart, Quartet in F Major
        * Haydn, Concerto in C Major
        * Britten, Six Metamorphoses After Ovid

Graduate (MM) and Certificate in Performance

  1. Two contrasting movements from the following list:
        * Vaughan-Williams, Oboe Concerto
        * Mozart, Oboe Concerto
        * Strauss, Oboe Concerto
        * Dorati, Cinq Pieces Pour Hautbois
        * Schumann, Three Romances
        * Telemann, Fantasies
        * Dutillieux, Oboe Sonata
  2. Two or three orchestral excerpts of your choice

Artist Diploma

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