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Lamont School of Music

Orchestral Conducting Audition Requirements

Audition Requirements are the same for MM, AD and Certificate.

By December 15, 2013, in addition to the general DU and Lamont graduate application requirements (which include the TOEFL for international students), applicants must:

Preliminary Round:

1) provide a résumé detailing previous conducting experiences

2) submit 3 letters of recommendation from those who have seen the applicant conduct

3) upload 3-6 videos of the applicant conducting (no specific repertoire requirements; concert footage preferred, but rehearsal footage acceptable)

4) provide a written statement of the candidate's availability and preferences regarding the two final round audition dates listed below

Important Note: Only candidates whose applications are 100% complete by December 15, 2013 will be considered for the final round

Final Round:

1) if accepted into the final round, take a conducting audition with the Lamont Symphony Orchestra EITHER on February 3, 2014 conducting Bruckner Symphony No. 7, Mvt. I, OR on March 3, 2014 conducting Brahms Symphony No. 3, Mvts. I & II

2) interview with Lawrence Golan (on the day of the audition)

3) take a test to determine the candidate's knowledge of the orchestra (on the day of the audition)

In preparation for the test, candidates should become intimately familiar with Norman Del Mar's book "The Anatomy of the Orchestra". Hint: Del Mar's writing style is such that he likes to state a basic principle, and then spend pages discussing the rare exceptions to that principle. The test will include questions about the basic principles, not the rare exceptions.


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