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Lamont School of Music

Lamont Composers Concert Series

Lamont Opera Theatre

Lamont composers at the carillon

The Lamont Composers Concert Series (LCCS), led by Leanna Kirchoff, is a quarterly concert featuring new compositions by graduate and undergraduate students at the Lamont School of Music. As Lamont's primary forum for contemporary music, all composition majors are invited to submit acoustic, electronic, or electro-acoustic works for the LCCS each quarter. These concerts are an essential way for our composition students to develop their craft and build their portfolio of music. All LCCS concerts are recorded.

Lamont student performers and composers collaborate during the composition and rehearsal stages of each piece, resulting in a premiere performance in Hamilton Hall. As a step toward performance, pieces slated for the LCCS are peer-reviewed in composition seminar, a weekly meeting of all graduate and undergraduate composers. All LCCS concerts are free and open to the public.


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