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Lamont School of Music

Student Life

Student Life

Life at Lamont

Lamont offers a Conservatory Level Education within the setting of one of the best Liberal Arts Universities in the country-the University of Denver. Lamont students spend the majority of time practicing, studying and performing. Because enrollment is limited, all music majors enjoy a wealth of performance opportunities.  It is strongly recommended that prospective students visit campus in order to explore life at Lamont. We believe our students, upon graduation, are equipped to accomplish anything they desire-both in music and in life.

Lamont students also maintain a well-balanced, well-rounded lifestyle. The University of Denver is dedicated to a strong philosophy in the liberal arts, holding that everything a student does outside of his/her major area makes them better in that area. As such, DU offers an array of services, resources and programs, to make your experience at DU even more rich.

Student Life at DU

The Arts in Denver

Denver is a growing arts community and boasts a full time symphony orchestra, opera house and many jazz clubs such as Dazzle Jazz. One great amenity at DU is access to free transportation. All members of the DU family can receive an Eco Pass which allow students to ride all of the Denver Transit, including the Light Rail, for free! There is a light rail stop right on campus with stops just two blocks from the arts district downtown!

Some of the arts organizations available for your artistic enrichment include:

Denver Recreation

Denver also boasts all 4 major sports and countless outdoors activities-from hiking up a mountain to skiing down one! No matter what you do, you will never be short of opportunities for fun and growth.

Study Abroad

At the University of Denver, we strive to develop cross-cultural connections-and the new perspectives that come with them-by encouraging students to study and live abroad for at least one quarter. We want our graduates to appreciate and understand the difference and interdependencies that characterize our world.  Through the use of the Cherrington Global Scholars program many of our students study abroad. To foster an international campus culture, DU has developed an infrastructure that makes study abroad efficient and affordable. Students who are a part of the Cherrington Global Scholars program typically spend a quarter abroad and still meet all of the requirements of their degree programs - on schedule and at no additional cost for tuition, room or board. Since the program began in 2006, many Lamont students have taken advantage of this program, studying in countries like Austria, Ghana, England, Germany, Italy, and Australia. Other countries where students have studied include Spain, Senegal, France, South Africa, Chile, New Zealand, Denmark, Japan, India, Ireland and the Czech Republic. Additionally, the Cherrington Scholars program will pay for your applied lessons if they are not included in your study abroad program. For more information on this program please visit