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Lamont School of Music


Suzanne Moulton Gertig

Suzanne  Moulton - Gertig

  • Newman Center for the Performing Arts, Room 440 A
  • 303-871-6427


Suzanne L. Moulton-Gertig holds an undergraduate degree from James Madison University, two masters degrees from Kent State University (in Musicology and Library Science), and a Ph.D. in Historical Musicology from the University of Colorado-Boulder (Dissertation, "The Life and Works of Emil Nikolaus von Reznicek, 1860-1945."). She teaches in both the academic and conservatory divisions of Lamont School of Music. In addition, she serves as head of the Bonfils Stanton Music Library. Professor Moulton-Gertig has given invited papers both nationally and internationally. She has served as chapter chair of both the Music Library Association and American Musicological Society, and chapter president of American Harp Society. She is currently on the national board of the American Harp Society and serves as Midwestern Regional Director. A former editor of Ars Music Denver and The American Harp Journal, Moulton-Gertig is the editor of The Ostracon: The Journal of the Egyptian Study Society presently.