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Lamont School of Music

Lamont Summer Pre-College Academy

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Pre-College Academy Wind Ensemble







Pre-College Academy chamber group strings

Musical Components


Each student receives four lessons on their major instrument, voice, or in composition with an acclaimed faculty member. Those who choose to enroll in secondary study will receive three lessons in their minor field. Students should bring at least three pieces in their major to study: one thoroughly polished and ready to perform, one that can be prepared for performance, and one that is new. A specific teacher may be requested and every effort will be made to comply with such requests. Practice coaches are available to help students develop good techniques and concentration. Instrumentalists practice between two and four hours daily in assigned practice rooms. Pianists are assigned an excellent grand piano for at least half of their practice time and are given the opportunity to perform on a nine-foot Steinway.

  • Voice Students
    • Voice majors participate in private lessons as well as voice class/seminar and musical theatre (see description below.) The voice faculty has extensive knowledge and background in working with high school students to develop classical vocal production as well as healthy pop/belt technique, preparing young voices for classical as well as musical theater singing. Vocalists practice between one and two hours daily in assigned practice rooms. Vocalists are required to take secondary piano lessons or to demonstrate a high level of proficiency on the piano.
  • Composition Students
    • Composition majors may have the opportunity to perform original works. Composition majors are required to take secondary piano lessons or to demonstrate a high level of proficiency on the piano.
  • Secondary lessons
    • For an additional fee, students may enroll in lessons on a secondary instrument, voice, composition, conducting or music technology, and receive three lessons.


Instrumental and vocal chamber groups rehearse daily, receive at least four coaching sessions, and have the opportunity to be coached in a master class. Participation in chamber music at this level is an exceptionally rewarding experience for the advancing musician. For those interested in jazz, small combos may be formed instead of classical chamber ensembles. Chamber groups will perform in the final recitals.


A theory placement test will determine class placement level. All theory classes are geared towards preparing students for college theory. Upper level classes are compositionally oriented and all levels include a eurhythmics component. A final recital will showcase select theory class creations.


An audition to select performers for the Honors Recital and master classes takes place at the beginning of the Academy. Any Academy participant wishing to be considered must audition with a work that has been polished (memorization required for piano, string, and voice students, and recommended for all).


With their teacher's approval, students have the opportunity to participate in performance classes throughout the session and may be eligible to perform on the Honors Solo Recital held on Thursday, June 27th. Performance in frequent informal classes is highly encouraged and a collaborative pianist is available for rehearsal. Final chamber music recitals take place on Friday and Saturday during the second week of the Academy. The final concert takes place on Sunday, June 30st, and features the choir, wind ensemble, and orchestra. All performances are held in the beautiful facilities of the Robert & Judi Newman Center for the Performing Arts, Lamont School of Music.


All major ensembles are featured on the final Sunday afternoon concert.

  • Choir
    • All students participate in an hour of choir just after breakfast. Through singing, students refine musicianship skills such as sight-reading and phrasing, and are exposed to repertoire of many styles.
  • Orchestra
    • Instrumentalists participate in orchestra nearly every afternoon and perform works for both full and string orchestra. Seating is determined by audition on the first day of the session.
  • Wind Ensemble
    • Woodwinds, brass & percussion participate in wind ensemble for an hour almost daily, focusing specifically on instrumental techniques and repertoire for wind ensemble. Seating is determined by audition on the first day of the session.


  • Musical Theatre
    • Voice students (majors and minors) participate and perform in small ensembles, in short scenes from an operetta or musical.
  • Voice Seminar
    • Voice students participate in daily voice class, focusing on healthy singing techniques, vocal production, diction, dramatic movement/presentation and vocal repertoire.
  • Piano Seminar
    • Pianists participate in daily piano classes. These classes provide an informal atmosphere for performance and include instruction in the collaborative piano, piano literature, healthy playing, practice techniques, memorization, and other topics.
  • Modern/World Music
    • Students have the opportunity to explore new musical horizons on their instruments as well as other instruments. This ensemble will be offered as a daily optional class track, open to all students, and will include a chamber group for unspecified instruments, sound painting, steel drum ensemble, and African drum ensemble.

NEW! Optional Class Tracks

  • The Music Professional
    • Classes encompassing the college application & audition process through career options in music
  • Musicians' Health
    • Classes maximizing your well-being & potential through positive performance preparation, Alexander and Taubman technique, movement and exercise
  • Modern/World Music
    • This ensemble will focus on providing students the opportunity to explore new musical horizons on their instruments as well as other instruments, including steel and African drums
  • Individual Practice Independent Study
    • Offered on approval by private Academy instructor for more advanced Academy students



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