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Lamont School of Music

Academic Facilities



Classrooms feature fixed seats or tables and "smart-to-the-seat" technology, which means that computer ports and electrical outlets are wired to every seat in the classroom.

Conference Room

Judi Wolf Conference Room

Designed as a meeting and conference room, this elegant space has wood paneling and a built-in buffet, along with a custom-made table by Daniel Strawn. In addition, the room has full capability for audio-visual and "smart-to-the seat" technology. Made possible by a gift from Marvin and Judi Wolf.

Percussion Room

Drum Booth

The "river-rock" lined drum booth is one of several components of the recording studio.

piano lab

Piano Lab

A branch of Penrose Library, the music library features electronic movable stacks, record and CD storage, student listening center, a keyboard/computer lab, and custom made study furniture by Daniel Strawn.

recording console

Recording Studio

Student Lounge

Student Lounge

The student lounge with comfortable study furniture also houses student lockers. The room features the striking rose window, a custom-made Indiana limestone window modeled after a real rose, which faces west to allow a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains. The rose window is made possible by a gift from Mr. Dick Sanders, '63.