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Lamont School of Music

Rehearsal Facilities

Vocal Arts

Vocal Arts Rehearsal Room - Room #100

The major rehearsal venue for the Lamont Choral and Opera Programs, this room features a hardwood resilient floor, adjustable acoustics, performance lighting, and an observation area where spectators can watch without disturbing rehearsals.

Instrumental Rehearsal Room

Instrumental Rehearsal Room - Room # 130

The major venue for the Lamont Symphony Orchestra, the Lamont Wind Ensemble and the Pioneer Pep Band, this three-story space features acoustical clouds, hardwood resilient floor, an observation area, a library and instrument storage.

Jazz Rehearsal Room

Jazz Rehearsal Room - Room # 140

Home of the Jazz and Commercial Music Programs, this room is also the major rehearsal venue for large jazz ensembles and many small combos. It also serves as a large performance room for the recording studio, has fully adjustable acoustic systems as well as an observation deck.

Virtual Practice Room

Virtual Practice Rooms

These practice rooms are customized with Virtual Room Acoustic Systems (VRAS), a computer generated system that creates reverberation in a small space. Therefore, a student can adjust the acoustics in the room to sound like a large concert hall, thus allowing them the opportunity to practice in acoustics that mimic real performance spaces.

Piano Lab

Piano Lab